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exporting dops through chops


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hey all, I'm writing a .clip file importer for imported rbd fracture objects into maya from houdini and I'm a little stumped. In my chopnet I have a dynamics chop, which points to my dopnet and in my field names parameter I am bringing in "p? t? r?". Originally I was bringing in only "t? r?" and setting keys on those objects in maya (via a script) but I realized that the t? vector was only giving me a difference from the initial state, not a world position on rbd_fracture objects. So I export these three vectors now and add the p? to the t? vector to get the world position. This works pretty much for most setups, however if I have an "rbd keyframe active" dop in my dopnet the sum of p and t no longer equals the world position of my rbd object before the rbd is active. I guess this is due to a fundamental misunderstanding of what some of this data means and how I should be exporting it.

so, my questions are:

1: is there a way in chops to calculate and export the world space position of ebds (even ones with the keyframe active dop on them)

2: could someone give a rundown of these different variables and what they mean, I found the documentation a little lacking (or perhaps I didn't know where to look).

I've attached a scene which shows my problem.

the "extract transforms_rbd_fractuire" subnet contains my current export setup and the "rbd_transfer_test_fbx" is the result in maya imported via fbx.

you will notice there is another little problem where the maya objects are a little ahead in time from the houdini objects. I suspect I am doing something wrong with the frame rate somewhere.

thanks for any insight anybody can provide.



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