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collapsing ground


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.. not sure if that will work out. I have a setup where a colored-curve "masks in" specific primiteves of a cracked ground via attribute-transfer. The goal is that all affected pieces start to fall down. The problem is that the dop-network somehow cannot handle the generated object-group at runtime and fails.

I attached a testscene. As soon as I activate the delete-group (for masking in the pieces) in SOP, the DOP-network fails.

Is there a way of getting this to work or do I have to go the way over particles/instancing ? Or in general: how do I group only specific objects to be affected by gravity?



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I made some progress the last days -> I copy a color-attribute from an animated curve and project it (through the distance-threshold) to the nearest pieces on the ground-object. That way I animate what pieces should fall down. I group them together based on their red-color and feed that group to a fractured RBD-object. All chunks that don


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