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Reading values from a parameter


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I am trying to read a value from a parameter on an HDA. It should be somethin like.

self = hou.pwd()

number = self.node.parm("nodecount")

but it just does not work. I really find the Python help section in Houdini a bit confusing. :blink:


I know that I can list a value from a parameter of a node with:

opparm -d "node" "parameter"

In the help it says that:

Replaced by: hou.Node, hou.ParmTuple, hou.Parm

When I go in any of these sections I see lots of confusing things like:

hou.Parm class

The parm() function returns a parameter by its path. The Parm class represents a parameter on a node.

asCode(self, brief=False, function_name=None) → str




evalAsFloat(self) → float

and others... none of these make any sense and explain how to actually query a parameter field on a node or an HDA?

What does that mean?


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hey man

is this what u looking for ?


more info can be found



Yeah! Cool!

I used it as this:

self = hou.pwd()

number = self.parm('nodecount').eval()


"nodecount" is just a parameter at the HDA level. So it works. And that link has actual examples of the usage. Thanks.

But what is all the stuff that comes when you go inside the help for hou.Parm

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