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creating a string attribute on a point with python.


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I keep asking those python question :)

Is it possible to creat a string attribute and set its value right from a node, like for example from a transform node appended after an "add SOP" creating one single point?

(I am trying to avoid adding an "attribCreate SOP" after my transform node. Please, do not ask why! :blink: )


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The only way that HOM can modify the geometry is through a Python Sop, so instead of an Attribute Create Sop you would have to use that. Alternatively, you could create one python operator that would create your point, create your attribute and then position it all in one go. Other than that those two things there really isn't anything you can do.

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well my porblem is that I hava a point. Then I have a transform node after that point. And the "attribcreate" after the the transform node is storing the name of the transform node as a string attribute on the point. So when I need to read a channel from that transfer node later I am using this attribute to address the transform node. The problem is that this string attribute does not update on the fly if the transform node's name is changed. I know it sounds stupid... :) and over complicated. I am just trying something...

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