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PointCloud Beginner Questions


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Hello all,

I was reading this forum the past few weeks now to help myself getting started with Houdini and so far it worked out great. Really lots of people around this forum sharing valuable knowledge! Since my friend and I decided to use Houdini for a greater amount of work for our current student project, we are having a blast exploring all the nifty houdini nodes. You probably remember the time when you first discovered the use of a node in Houdini, thats actually the feeling we are having every day atm :).

The last days I was trying to get more into VOPs and VEX and using pointclouds for rendering different tasks. I discovered the pointCloudPresentationMay112005 files from the Houdini Exchange site and I try to unterstand whats happening. But what Im not able to get is the problem Im having with the pointCloudCop file. Im getting "Error during compilation" errors when middle clicking the vop nodes in the pcGen and pcGenIt VOP COP Generators. The details look like this:


Does anyone know how to solve this? Would be nice to get this running so I can further investigate!

Then another question. Is it possible to replace points from a point cloud with primitive geometry when rendering? Or with small image planes?

Thanks in advance for any help for the noob! :)

greets, Pascal

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