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Add selected node to a networkbox


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Hi all, I am new to python scripting in Houdini, just wondering how can I add a bunch of nodes to a networkbox, the only function I found relative to add node to networkbox is the addNode function, which seems to only add single node to a networkbox.

Any advance would be much appreciated.


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Looking at the docs for hou.NetworkBox looks like all the planned methods for the class have been implemented so it would seem addNode is the best that we will be getting for now. However this is really more than enough since we can just loop to add our nodes. Doing something like the following code should work, assuming you create a tool that you can access in the tab menu. It gets the selected nodes, looks for a selected network box to use and if not it creates a new one. Can't guarantee this code actually works since I haven't tried it but it should provide the general idea if not.

activepane = kwargs["pane"]

if not isinstance(activepane, hou.NetworkEditor):
	raise hou.Error("No Network Editor found.")

cwd = activepane.pwd()

netboxes = cwd.networkBoxes()

current_box = None
for box in netboxes:
	if box.isPicked():
		current_box = box
	current_box = cwd.createNetworkBox()

selected_nodes = hou.selectedNodes()

for node in selected_nodes:


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