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Quadruped deform rig refresh imports

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I am on 10.249.5

I am using the quadruped autorig. I am running into an issue that when I get to the deform rig, only the head and neck tab shows up. I have tried this with two different models so i am wondering if this is a bug? And if so how to get the other tabs to show up?

My Animation Rig has all the proper tabs like spine, tail, legs etc. And I have refreshed imports on my animation rig.

Just seems that somehow the proper tabs are not showing up on the deform rig op.



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Sorry for not replying to this thread originally. You are only seeing the Head and Neck tabs because your rig is set to use Bones as the deformers. There are very minimal controls promoted to the rig asset for bone deforms. If you set the Deform Type to Muscles you'll receive a bunch of parameters that control muscle handles.

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I'm not sure what video you are watching, but the video from the Side Effects website with the quadruped helldog was recorded well before there was the option to have a Bone deformation rig.

If I put down a Quadruped Autorig and immediately hit Create Rig, I get a deform rig with two tabs. One for Preferences, one for Shading and Rendering, which has the Head and Neck folder with the Import Block functionality.

If I put another one down and set the Deform Type to Muscles and hit Create Rig, I get a deform rig with an additional Animation tab that is full of Import Blocks as I would expect.

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Mea maxima culpa!

You are right!

I have found the problem:

As the Help of Houdini writes: "Deform Type

Allows you to choose either bones or muscles for your deformation rig. By default the Deform Type is set to Bones, which allows you to edit capture regions, weights, and blends."

(There should be an attachment with a picture about the different settings of the 2 versions of Houdini. The one which was used for the tutorial video and the 10.0.)

And the main problem was that in the past in every setup I've painted the skin-weights to the bones (I come from Maya) and never used muscles. :)

Tomorrow I try the muscle based deform rig version. I hope at the afternoon I can write about success.

Thank you again!


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