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Cracks on the ground


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Hi , I am very new to houdini , done maya last time now i hope someone would enlighten me :lol:

i saw some of the thread that have asked how to do a crack growing under.

I followed some of the tutorials and came up with this.

I am trying to simulate a vine growing under the asphalt. The cracks looks very even and CG, can

anyone please help me or guide me on this?

Here is my .hipnc file, kinda messy... sorry...


i used 2 metaball the first for creating the initial crack then the second one actually pops up for the debris as the

vines comes through.

both metaball will follow a carve curve which is derived from the L-system in houdini. After the magnet , it will do an extrude for the


when the second ones come through i used a color map to follow the carved curve ( Default L-system)

to subdivde it further to make it looks like more cracks

There is a problem with this, the textures actually moves with it as it subdivded.

Am i heading towards the right direction? >.< its my first project on houdini....

Sorry and thanks for taking up your time for helping me >.<!

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