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PRMAN Deep shadows

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I'm still learning how to use PRMAN with Houdini. So today I tried to find how to make a light setup (light shader, shadow shader etc) I just feel really confused on how to get a simple spotlight with deep shadows... I would appreciate a simple hip file or a simple explanation of the steps needed to do this.

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The default lights in Houdini will produce deep shadows in prman if you use depth map shadows and change the shadow to $HIP/$OS.dshad. The only problem with this is the controls available may not be enough for you.

In that case you'll need to generate a deep shadow map using the prman ROP. The basic idea here is to render your scene looking through your shadow casting light. You set the ROP to render the Z channel using the zfile driver, and an Ri AOV with the deepshad driver.

There are a lot of rules regarding shadow map generation that I didn't get into. I'd recommend reading the prman docs. App note #15 and the section on display drivers should cover it.

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