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cvex loading: undefined op code cvex@

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Nevermind, found it. I of course did miss something obvious: compiling my temp vex code..

... Nothing to see here. <_<

So for anybody else that has to do this, a pretty easy way to do it is to call vcc through hscript using the OP_Node::executeHscriptScript command. I build up my vcc command like:

vcc -o /tmp/hfs904-162 /tmp/hfs904-162.vfl

and then feed /tmp/hfs904-162.vex to CVEX_Context::load

The loader expects absolute paths to the compiled .vex file, but vcc is really finicky and will complain if you try to give it the full .vex path (it's implied that it will automatically add the extension for you).

There's probably a better way to do it than through hscript, but whatever.. this works.

Hey guys. I'm wrapping a cvex process inside of a custom SOP. The sop generates vex code in a temporary file, then loads it into a cvex context.

I've gotten a lot of this working; the code generation, adding inputs, etc. But I can never get the cvex code to load correctly. I always get an error like this:

/tmp/hfs17169-162.tmp.vex (line 2):  cvex@      Undefined op code
Unable to load /tmp/hfs17169-162.tmp.vex        Path not found

That second error is nonsense. The file definitely exists, definitely has code - and anyway, the first error is pointing to a specific line in the code. So I'm treating that one as a bug in the debugger (i.e., ignoring it). The first line though has me confused. I have code that looks something like this:

    float foo = 0;
    int bar = 0;
 // do stuff

The error message is pointing directly to that 'cvex' in the code. But this format is consistent with every CVEX code sample I've looked at...so it's not clear what's wrong here.

Anyone know what might be wrong here? Maybe some obvious initialization steps that I've missed (I'm following the sample CVEX code pretty closely)?

The CVEX_Context::load() method takes an int argc and char*[] argv, but it isn't entirely clear exactly what kind of arguments you should feed its argument list.. So I've just been feeding it the path to my code. Should I perhaps be giving it a different set of arguments?


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