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RBD Fractured object with different SDF collision samples


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In my latest destructive experiments, I have found two issues regarding efficiency and management of fractured objects imported to DOPs: The object consists of fractures with differently sized fragments. To have a proper simulation I would have to adjust the SDF resolution to fit the large parts, while the small parts gets stuffed with way more information than needed. I then tried to separate out the different sized pieces from the stamp construction loop with 'if(prim("../stamp", $PR, "boundingBox", 0) >= 0.5, 1, 0)' on a delete node. This works fine for separating out two levels of detail from the fractured geometry, but I can't figure out a good way to have multiple levels of details. 

The second question is: Say I get my fractured object out on different levels. How do I avoid a unstable simulation since the differently named pieces is located so close to each other? So far I've solved it with a Active Value DOP, but is there another way?

I've attached a HIP-file with the said issues if the questions was a bit unclear: BBX_Fracture.hipnc

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