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Force Cook from Python Node?


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Playing with writing a python node, which is fun. I'm doing something somewhat unusual probably where I've got an iteration loop inside my operator.. within that loop I update some of the params on my node. Other objects in the scene are referencing those params so as my iteration runs I would expect those other objects to react to the ever changing values. I don't think the cooks are happening though (at least I don't see them react in the ui and the results don't appear to show that either). Is there something I can put in my loop to force a cook or update?

What I'm doing probably doesn't fit inside a node context very well, There's probably some other pythony panel or something I can build my loop into (since my node doesn't take any inputs or outputs directly.. just a holding place for code and a ui)

Thanks for any pointers


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Just to follow up, the cooks are working correctly and no forcing was needed. The only issue I have now is a redraw issue. I'm updating some params on my python node and I have other objects referencing those params. When I play though my anim the objects referencing those channels always draw 1 frame behind.. if I stop the playbar and select an object then a redraw happens and my objects snap into place. The channels are always right, it's simply a ui redraw thing.. I'll see what I can do to figure that out

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