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Fruits WIP


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I am making the fruits wip these days, very hard to get good result rather than man-made things....:(

Anyone could share some experience on it?

I have not add reflection, occ, etc yet.....just played the basic things a little..:(


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Is it supposed to be a bunch of grapes or just a jumble of fruits?

Let's assume they are grapes for the sake of didactics. I think that technically it isn't so hard so you need to crack the design of the thing. The overall shape looks a tad bland. Real bunches have a structure to them, bigger at the proximal end, smaller at the distal end, that kind of thing and probably not in a linear manner. There is also variation in the shape. They would most definitely not be spheres but would have bumps (not random!) and damage.

The surface properties would also be varied according to some almost-random system. Perhaps you could try to change the specular with an attribute. Grapes tend to have large areas of diffuse spec, like blurred continents.

Then, bits of dirt, twigs, color variations, etc.

And of course lighting and camera settings. The secret with those simple scenes is in the details. Tiny, small details, correctly placed. Be subtle.

The Dutch were masters in these things.

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