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Delayed loader and motion Blur

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I read in the manual about the limit steps for delayed load shader motion blur, it seems it only calculates 2 geometry steps to do deform motion blur.

I have a scene that my point instances make a curve but the motion blur doesn't render right because it needs a bigger step number to calculate the motion blur.

Is there a way around it? Or I'll have to stick to this limit?

Sorry the bad English.

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Here is my problem.

I used a particle system using point instances with delayed loader shader, the particle is using a path position to make then ride around a circle.

The motion blur is linear not curved, it doesn't follow the movement of the instances.

I tried to render with more than 2 Xform samples, doesn't render right, more samples less motion blur.

Any Ideas?



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I solved part of the problem increasing the oversampling on the popnet node, if I render directly from popnet it works but the problem now is that I am not getting the same results from a cached file.

What is the correct way to save a and load a particle cache with the subframe information correctly?

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