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Capture to disk and Mplay

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Hi guys,


I'm trying to create a capture and write out a image sequence to disk while viewing it through mplay as it renders via python.


I'm currently using viewwrite, it can write to disk no problem, and it can capture to mplay ok, but it can't do them together. Apparently when using ip or md as the output it's supposed to write the images to $HOUDINI_TEMP_DIR, but it doesn't create any files. I've tried changing the path and using the -s spool directory augment, makes no difference.

Also tried using a openGL ROP, but same result.


Does anybody know of another method, or a way to get this to work? Any help would be appreciated.


I'm running Linux Centos 6 & Houdini 13.0.376 if it helps.



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So I contacted support and asked them about this, and they said that Flipbooking sends the images directly to mplay via network sockets, and that the docs are out of date (the -s spool directory command and the $HOUDINI_TEMP_DIR for viewwrite aren't used anymore).

That means viewwrite won't save any images to disk, no matter how nicely you ask it. And there's no alternative, you can't have mplay playing back the images while saving them to disk.


In short, this can't be done, you either can use mplay or save to disk, not both.

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Has any progress been made on this? I realise you can write to disk using 

viewwrite -f 1 10 Build.panetab1.world.persp1 '$F.jpg'

and write to mplay using

viewwrite -f 1 10 Build.panetab1.world.persp1 ip

but I'd really like a way to script writing images to disk from mplay. Even knowing if/where mplay temp images are located would be a start.

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