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about Surface Tension Models for SPH-Based Fluid


   Did anyone know how to use those .cpp .h file? in vs always warring somehow...and i also want to put those scriot into houdini mayabe need translate to vex  did anyone done this before?



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You must remember while creating custom plugin that your C++ source file must have a .C extension.

Source file location doesn't matter. You can compile it from anywhere but make sure you have full permission to that location. When you compile .C file, it gets saved in ~/houdiniXX.Y/dso folder with a .so extension.

If you have single source file then "hcustom" can be used to compile otherwise "Makefiles". 



If .h file is written in VEX(similiar to C/C++) then there are two ways to read it:

- #include "test.h" if it's in your $HIP directory

- #include <test.h> if it's on $HOUDINI_PATH


You can also set HOUDINI_VEX_PATH in your .env file.   

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