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Superformula 3d

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superformulas.hipnchi guys,

i'm new to houdini, trying to translate in vex the Superformula 3d


I did a tuto that create superformula in 2d.

Definition of supershape in 2 dimensions.


But im stuck in implementing the  Extension to 3D using the spherical product.

I don't know how to bound my angles beetween -PI and PI and -PI/2 to PI/2
and also if I need to create normal.
then Ill create a mesh.
Here is my hip file.
Thks for reading, salve!

reference :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superformula


HIP FILE: superformulas.hipnc

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hey, looks pretty ,nice!

Do you know how to put biud a mesh with this?

I found this video where he made it in processing



thks a lot for your answer!!!!!!!!!

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I really don't know anything about this level of math of what your really trying to achieve

But heres a video of a guy doing superformulas in Houdini

### removed video ###

that video is from the CGWorkshops - VEX in Houdini course and really shouldn't be on YouTube...nothing I can do about that but I'd rather not have it linked here.

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I stumbled on the tutorial on youtube as well. Fantastic teacher he is. I had been scouring for VEX related videos related to shape drawing. Looking at the workshop that is available, wow! Not a cheap adventure, but more a tax write off for anyone in business. Being retired, I cannot afford this. I'm surprised it is up there as well, after learning it was produced as a pay per view. CGWorkshop needs to get w/ youtube to clean that from the web.

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