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houdini.env - HOUDINI_PATH

It would be great to have a centralised official document on setting up Houdini in a production pipeline.. I am currently setting HOUDINI_PATH in houdini.env so that the whole studio can have access to OTLs, prefs, presets, toolbars etc

Is it bad practice to append to HOUDINI_PATH? (some posts seem to suggest so..)

I am using windows and I have mimicked the folder structure that is in My Documents\houdini##.# folder. I do have access otls that are stored within the otls folder however I can't seem to get the preferences working.


My houdini.env is currently:

HVER = 16

HOUDINI_PATH = S:/3D_globalSettings/houdini/$HVER;&

I've added a hchannel.pref.nosave to the specified folder and i'm trying to set the start and end frame, i.e.:

pref.frame_end := 1201;
pref.frame_start := 1001;


Is this the best approach or should I use hou.putenv in a 123.py for example?

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Using the .nosave suffix (which is recommended so that users can't overwrite this file) means that those preferences aren't being picked up for me.. If I remove that suffix that file now works, and 'save as permanent defaults' does not overwrite this file....

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houdini.env will not work at the Studio level, it only works per a user.

You'll need an outside studio system that sets the HOUDINI_PATH variable, or add it to be set by your remote installer when you have houdini installed.

By the time 123.py is launched you have already accessed HOUDINI_PATH, so you need to do it before that.

Setting the start and end frame in the 123.py & 456.py should work fine.

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