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Found 3 results

  1. Does any one know what to set on my HOUDINI_PATH environment variable so that I can change the presets folder location? Lets say I have my presets folder in D:/stuff/presets, what would be the correct path? I've tried adding HOUDINI_PATH = "D:/stuff/presets";$HOUDINI_PATH;& in the houdini.env file, but it is ignored. I've seen a few topics about this subject but nothing conclusive yet...
  2. It would be great to have a centralised official document on setting up Houdini in a production pipeline.. I am currently setting HOUDINI_PATH in houdini.env so that the whole studio can have access to OTLs, prefs, presets, toolbars etc Is it bad practice to append to HOUDINI_PATH? (some posts seem to suggest so..) I am using windows and I have mimicked the folder structure that is in My Documents\houdini##.# folder. I do have access otls that are stored within the otls folder however I can't seem to get the preferences working. My houdini.env is currently: HVER = 16 HOUDINI_PATH = S:/3D_globalSettings/houdini/$HVER;& I've added a hchannel.pref.nosave to the specified folder and i'm trying to set the start and end frame, i.e.: pref.frame_end := 1201; pref.frame_start := 1001; Is this the best approach or should I use hou.putenv in a 123.py for example?
  3. Hello. I setup HOUDINI_PATH in my python wrapper, but it simple don't work. Nothing from specified folder loading. This is my wrapper. import os, sys, subprocess # HOUDINI_MAJOR_RELEASE = '13' HOUDINI_MINOR_RELEASE = '0' HOUDINI_BUILD_VERSION = '547' # HOUDINI_INSTALL_PATH = '/Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/' # HOUDINI_BUILD = '%s.%s.%s' % (HOUDINI_MAJOR_RELEASE, HOUDINI_MINOR_RELEASE, HOUDINI_BUILD_VERSION) HFS = HOUDINI_INSTALL_PATH + HOUDINI_BUILD + '/resources' os.environ['HFS'] = HFS # '''Setup PATH location''' HB = HFS+'/bin' os.environ['PATH']= os.path.pathsep.join([HB,os.environ['PATH']]) #this is not work CUSTOMHOUDINIFOLDER = 'Users/andeliseev/Documents/houdiniCustom' os.environ['HOUDINI_PATH'] = CUSTOMHOUDINIFOLDER + ';&' HOME = '/Users/andeliseev/Dropbox/houdini/pref' os.environ['HOME'] = HOME JOB = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)) os.environ['JOB'] = JOB if __name__ == '__main__': startpath = ['%s/houdinifx' % HB] subprocess.Popen(startpath)