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Control White Water Emission based on volume mask

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I am creating a long animation of a boat on an ocean surface. I am using the new guided ocean surface with Houdini 16 to make use of the extended fluid surface blending to an infinite ocean. I am encountering a couple of problems, one being that as the sim continues the boat becomes a submarine due to so much fluid, but also, relating to the topic of this post, white water emission is occurring everywhere making blending into the ocean a problem.  


The question is, how to I use the volume mask created by the particle fluid mask node to reduce the velocity, curvature, and vorticity of the compressed fluid sim so that the white water emission will blend better with the infinite ocean? 

Any insight would be very welcome.


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It seems to me that a large number of posts are unanswered in general on this forum and SideFX's. I know most questions are rather basic, and most professionals don't' have the time to answer, but alas I still lament the fact more questions are not answered. 


Anyway, for those interested, I figured out a solution. It may not be the best, but it works. Simply using the 'attribute from volume' will get you what you need, getting the volume data to a float point information. I use that to control the whitewater source. Hip attached. 


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