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  1. Hey, quick question: do you know if you can make flip particles stick to an SDF surface? When I try the usual workflow it fails completely. Is it actually possible at all? So just emiting flip and stick it to a deforming surface when having contact.
  2. Hi. I am testing FLIP sop, in particular "flip configure lava". As a temperature input "anoise" was used. I would like to animate it but when you animate anything outside the solver it is obviously not updated within a sim. If I were about to make it with dop network I could have make a wrangle with a reference to sop level animated noise. But FLIP sop converts geometry already inside solver so I can't refer to any point attribs as long as particles sims are implemented already inside solver and don't exist on a sop level. My question is how to animate any attributes inside flip sop solver?
  3. Hi all I'm stuck with this. What is the best way to mix two fluids that have different parameters (i.e viscosity)? Both will have different shadings. Any ideas. Attached reference scene. Thank you very much to all Mix_flips_RnD.hipnc
  4. I have attached my Houdini file, containing my simulation for a paint along my logo. I am using FLIP Fluids and multiple collision objects. I don't think this is the best way, manually key-framing multiple objects against a flow object, and I don't know how to achieve a constant flow. Please give suggestions. Many thanks! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nStkBKHvVOi8k6e8A_uOLiCwCafBLvBY?usp=share_link
  5. Hi... I have created a scene where ocean waves hit sand... Used the beach tank from Oceans tool shelf. In order to accomplish the wetmap on sand I have taken the following steps: 1) Cached out the fluid surface cache 2) Scattered points on the fluid surface and added @wetness = 1 attribute 3) Used group bounding box delete to only keep the points near the shore 4) Scattered points on the sand surface and added @wetness = 0 attribute, points inherit UVs from sand - note sand geo has UV textures applied on the diffuse and other channels. Y axis projection, scale = 15, 15, 15. Resolution 8K. 5) Created another geo and object merged from #2 and #4 6) In that geo created a solver that: - copies wetness attribute from previous frame of the sand-scattered points onto current frame - uses attribute transfer to transfer wetness from fluid particles 7) This works great... so I have points scattered on the fluid particles transfering wetness attribute to points scattered on the sand particles. But how do I convert that into an animated map that I can load onto the original sand object? How do I blend that map with existing textures? - I have tried to follow a tutorial where author created a vopcop2 generator in img context and created the flow in VOP as per attached file - But this is not really working well... (a) its very slow (b) I get a small something that doesn't seem to animate or read the exact details of the points. Is there a better way do do this? One that might actually work? Huge thanks.
  6. TOPS PDG question. What are some common causes for your TOP network render to fail (no tasks completed) even though there are no errors ( all green icons)? This happens repeatedly for me when running a FileCache TOP on a simulation. All tasks get executed very quickly but nothing is cached. Doublechecked and my DOP Network and Default Object paths are correct.
  7. Hello guys I'm building an lazy mood river I saw an reference that would fit exactly what that i need, it is something like those diffefent water flows. I'm wondering how to achieve this Pyro smoke 2d custom flow??
  8. EDIT* Solved... sort of... it seems that you can't do it in one sim. First do an rbd with forces pushing up below the "waterline" and down above it to simulate gravity. The do a low res flip using the rbds as coliders. Then advect a new rbd sim with those velocities. Then do a high res flip. So lots of back and forth... Hello! How do you achieve this sort of thing? https://vimeo.com/153607646 or https://vimeo.com/312753480 I can get fractured rbds to float on water but i can't get them to work when I try do do it with constrains and colliders like the above examples. I have a scene with fractured geo (using material fracture sop) and a dopnet with geo as a "fractured object" (not packed) . This is held in place with glue and pin constraints. I have the flip (flat tank) solver feedback set to 1 (I've tried all different values, 0.1-10) and the merge set to mutual. everything is using volume collisions. I have the fractured geo plugged in to the "merge collisions" in the in the fliptank initial wavetank but i've also tried changing the waterline so there is no intial contact between the rbds and flip. It explodes. The fractured object pieces fly off or sink and the flip is out of control (overreacting to the rbd pieces). Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi Everyone! I've working on this effects (see the reference above) for a couple of weeks now but I still haven't grasped the proper way to achieve it. I have tried ocean spectrum on deformed mesh, and I have tried to built a collision geo and use some particle velocity as wake to parting the river. But none of them seemed worked very well to me. I wonder if someone could help me to with this? Thank you!
  10. I intend to use the value of Flip's Vorticity to trigger new particles to simulate the bubbles. It is not a white water system. They can affect each other, just like the role of Realflow's Filter effect.
  11. Be sure to check out the course at https://www.cgforge.com/course/fluids-i Cheers!
  12. I'm trying to animate this honey scene and wondering how I can improve the scene to feel more natural. It's still too nervous to be production ready and doesn't feel super natural yet. Any ideas? meshed-.mp4meshed-.mp4
  13. I'm trying to replicate this effect to learn. I've attached the ref and my flipbook. Feels like I'm close from a setup perspective? Wondering what I could do differently so it feels more sandy. I'm using a flip sim advected by a AA Flow Noise Velocity field. Somehow I don't get the same "sandy" look. Any ideas how to get closer? sand-flip.mov sand-ref.mp4
  14. Hi everyone, I have a question about flip sim as I am new to flip sim. Here is the Flip sim what looks like now. but What I am achieving is, -A Character I got from Maximo (Sonic) jump into the ocean and stick Sonic's head out of the water. What's issues I have are, -FBX's character animation doesn't show up in DOP. Static character slowly sinks into the water, with less splash than video I attached. I have done FBX Character Import, BoneDeform, OUT as null and paste into SOP path in RBD object. -How can I make stick the character's head out of the water from the bottom of the water tank? Probably make switch for active/non-active in RBD Solver? Sorry for my poor English. Hope some attachments makes sense what I am trying to say. Thank you! Houdini File Water_Tank_vODF.hipnc WaterTank_v002.avi
  15. How please, is the best way to go about colliding 3 liquids? What is important is that each can be rendered differently. Thanks in advance, 5D
  16. Is it possible to jack into or change the Noise in Repellents, other than the standard controls? How is the noise calculated? Can we add to it or change it? Add a Perlin noise or custom vel? Vex or Vops? Maybe effected by a POP sim? Or is it hard coded? Cheers!
  17. I always have problems with motion blur for water surface mesh, One time I fixed that problem but I forgot that. as you can see I used a trail SOP to produce velocity for the mesh but the trail SOP creates velocity per point and that's why the motion blur is odd. How can I create proper motion blur for water surface mesh?
  18. Hello, I have a grid , approximately rotated 45 degree by x axis, I extruded it, and I have to make this boolen grid into flip ocean source, but I can't how, Please help
  19. Dear ODForce krew, I am doing a bullet through a fish tank in slow mo. I have simmed only a chunk of the water for two reasons. First so I can have more resolution, and second as most of the tank would not be affected by the bullet, saving unnecessary sim time. I also have a procedural cuboid with ripples (frozen of course at this time scale), that becomes the rest of the water). Where the water is coming out (having chopped the FLIP mesh and cuboid down the middle) I can boolean them together, SORTED. However the other side where the water is going in I cannot figure out an operation to leave me with the cuboid's face and the indented water of the FLIP mesh. Any ideas or knowhow? Thanks in advance, 5D. NB: The cuboid is also essential around the parts of the tank that are not being affected by the glass because the interface of the glass and the water needs to be perfectly smooth, as if I use FLIP there and surface it no matter the smoothing it's not totally flat. NB2: Here's a pic of the glass shatter to help anyone understand what is going on.
  20. Hello Friends, I have a Problem. I build a particlefluid with a normal flip fluid solver. A Object falls with a transform-node in the fluid and the fluid splashes. But when I add the retime node at the end, my mesh from the ParticleFluidSurface disorted between a few frames. Here is a video. Has everyone a solution for this? I tried some settings but the problem remains. Greets Patrick untitled1.mp4
  21. I'm having a bit of trouble with the diplacement working from the ocean flattank_fluid_extended node. I got the volumetric fluid to extend, but getting the displacement effect is giving me some trouble. I'm trying to get the volumetric fluid to follow the extended fluid plane's displacement, but it doesn't seem to follow when I point it to the /obj/flattank_fluid_extended/RENDER vs. the /obj/flattank_fluid/RENDER. What is missing in the extended node that doesn't give the volume the proper displacement? Thanks. This is a bit of a new system, so I'm a bit lost in the woods. The surface is working great, though, and I really love the new system.
  22. Hey ODForcers, I have a FLIP sim and WW, and it was working but now it just emits from the whole FLIP, when it didn't before. It seems to be from Vorticity AND Curvature and makes NO SENSE! I'm trying everything but wonder if there's something obvious I've overlooked. I would upload .hip but there are multiple caches ... so ... Any help much appreciated. Thanks Nick NB: it seems to happen when everything has ZERO vorticity too AND when you turn up vorticity range to say 3000 to 5000
  23. As you can see I used a guided ocean layer from the shelf, But the interior volume doesn't obey the extended surface size. How can I fix that?
  24. I have a FLIP sim and need to art direct some of it and I can't seem to figure out how to push (or pull, guessing the difference isn't a major issue) one side of it in a cone shape. Also I'm hoping reseeding will fill in any weird holes that would maybe start to appear as a static "lump" of water is forced out by the cone? I would upload my .hip and explain my whole project but it is HUGE and currently a major headache I'm trying to sort out myself in the spirit of attempting to learn this beast called Houdini! Thanks in advance for any help. Nick.
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