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Group Node issue

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Hi :

I was trying to separate my points into two groups by the rand ($PT) >0.98. I can see that there are two point groups created from the group small node, but I can't change the point sizes individually from it's own vop sop node. It always only keep one size of my point. I would like to have the points from the group Large to become bigger but no success.....

Could you please help me to see what I did wrong....

And if you can also help me with the new group nodes in Houdini 16 I will be so so happy. I couldn't finish this old tutorial with the Houdini 16 due to the new group node and I just can't apply the expression to the group expression node. That's why I have to open a old file with Houdini 16 and copy the old group node into this file.

Thank you so much for your time..

Please help me .....


Galaxy06_Shading the Galaxy04.hipnc


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Here you go, you were using add attribute, you should be using bind export instead, also you were not copying any of your points so you wont see what you are doing. instead of using width, use pscale for points.
I also add how you would do the same with the new Group SOP.


Galaxy06_Shading the Galaxy04_fix.hipnc

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