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FLIP Particle separation issue (particles disappears)

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Hi everyone,

I got an issue with the particle sepration setting.
I'am making a vortex in flip, when i set my particle separation to 0.1 to get a fast preview of my sim, all works well. But then when i set the particle separation to 0.05, my simulation looks weird. It's look like the tank is loosing a bunch of his particles, and the flip's level surface get down. I don't understand why the particle separation breaks my simulation. I knew this setting can change a few things in your sim but here i'm loosing a lot of particles.... and it' happen all the time as i set my particle separation under 0.06

here is a flipbook of the simulation at 0.12 (no issue):


here is a flipbook of the simulation at 0.05 (issue start around the frame 96):

Here is my hip:

If someone know how can i fix this isuue, i'm listening all kind of tips, Thanks a lot for your help (currently i'm not able to cache this sim properly).
ps: if the quality video is poor, download the link, it's because of the dropbox streaming.


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Hi, there is some new stuff, 

After few test i noticed when i disable the "particle separation" in the flip solver (particle motion tab), i don't have anymore this probleme (the volume doesn't reduce). That's cool but i'm a bit confused because i don't understand why the particle separation option make my volume reducing ? If someone can explain me the reason, it would be great ;)

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