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Parameter every specified number of frames?

I've been trying to write an expression which will hold a value and change every specified number of frames. 

I have a point jitter, and an animated seed so the point will change position every timestep, my goal is to have an expression where the the point will stay in the same position for 8 frames and then change position, and remain in that position for another 8 frames and so on.

I've attached a very basic scene file if its any easier for you to use that, any help is greatly appreciated,



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Hey Nathan,

You can get this fairly easily with an expression like 


ceil will round up the fraction to the next integer, and since we divide by 8 here it will change every 8 frames.

You could put this this expression in your timeshift or you could remove your timeshift altogether and just put the expression in your seed.

Hope this helps.

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Thats worked perfectly! exactly what I was after!

Is there anywhere I can read up on the functions used in expressions within houdini specifically, that you know of? 

Thanks again!

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If you haven't already then its a good idea to check out the expression cookbook for a starting point. If you just open the houdini help browser and look for "expression cookbook" it should pop up.

You can also read through the "expression functions" list if you just want an idea of whats possible.

Good luck!

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