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Found 454 results

  1. Hi everyone, has anyone come across this problem before? been setting up a custom script for drag and drop via the externaldragdrop.py file. Now the weird thing is. it works on some machines and not others. works on my home machine, a colleagues home machine. one of the machines at work and two other and work is does do anything. Whats seems to be happening is houdini, is not even registering that a file is being attempted to be dropped form an external window. So the .py file cant be called? I can't seem to find any documentation on this either which does not help. all machines at work are running the same environment setup. any ideas?? cheers Daniel Happy new year to all
  2. Hi everyone, Short explanation: I want to be able to see parameters (of a Houdini Digital Asset) that I created in Houdini’s Python Module, in Unreal. Long explanation: I’m creating a Digital Asset in Houdini and want to use it in Unreal. When I create parameters in Houdini in the “Type Properties” window everything is fine and the asset works in Unreal and parameters are visible and can be adjusted. Now I added some a Python function in the Python Module of Houdini that creates some parameters. I also created a button that when pressed, triggers this function. This all works in Houdini but as soon as I export this to Unreal the button does nothing. If I use the Sync Session in Unreal (so I have my Houdini and Unreal open at the same time with the same asset) and press on the button (in Unreal), then the parameters do get created in Houdini, but still not in Unreal. The only solution I found so far is, place the tool in Unreal, go back to Houdini’s “Type Properties” window, save the tool again and press “Revert Layout” in the pop-up window. Only then the parameters created in Python get visible in Unreal. But as soon as I place another HDA in the level I have to do that all over again. I want the user to use this tool only in Unreal, without reverting the layout all the time in Houdini. Is there away to achieve this? Thanks in advance, you would really help me out here!
  3. Hi everyone, I’m trying to figure out how to import that library into Houdini (Windows 10. On Mac I did it, it was very easy). The version of python used by Houdini is Python 2.7.15 (default, Mar 10 2020, 16:25:26) [MSC v.1916 64 bit (AMD64)]. The error I encounter is the following: Python error: Traceback (most recent call last): File “”, line 11, in File “C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\h5py_init_.py”, line 26, in from . import _errors ImportError: DLL load failed: Impossibile trovare il modulo specificato. I think the problem is the complied version. Binary wheels should be built using the same compiler used to build python, but I don’t know how to fix it. I’m horrible with compiling etc, so I’m not able to compile the version of Binary wheels by myself. Someone know if there some tutorial (video it would be better) that explain step by step how to do that wheels? Or better, someone have this binary version and can share to me? Thank you very much, any advice is very welcome. Cheers Luther
  4. The title pretty much is my question. Is it possible to dock another application into Houdini's UI? Examples would be for reference image viewers, or even to dock VSCode when using a single monitor. Don't think it's possible, but would be a really cool addition I think. - Perhaps something along the line of a python plugin that allows this kind of functionality, just spit balling really, have no serious scripting experience myself.
  5. hou.hipFile.merge opening file?

    Hello fellow magicians, I'm using PySide2 and PyQt to make a button that merges an already existing .hip file with the current open scene. After reading the Documentation, I'm under the impression that the method hou.hipFile.merge('path_to_merging_file') is what I'm looking for... But after using this method, Houdini tries to load the file in the path. Can some one point out what I'm doing wrong? Solved: I think the problem was that I didn't have my current open scene saved... And Houdini also imports the display options from the merged file, so I thought I was in the .hip file I wanted to merge
  6. Python Callback and Multiparm

    Hi Houdini People ! i have a question : I have a Multiparm who's updating number by Python Script (Basically : It get the input value of an attribute ) Once my Multiparm is set to the right number , i want to add some scipting on the hda. The problem is, if i update manually the number of multiparm instance, the callback is called ? But with my python script nothing happend. Any idear ? to be clear in the step i used : Plug a node with an attribute in my HDA ( the node is a connectivity who give me attribute pieces "name" ) On my HDA, the multiparm number is updated with python (it give me 3 different attribute pieces ( Pieces_0 , Pieces_1, Pieces_2) Now i call a function with callback on the multiparm to updates dymanically values nothing happend if i create a new multiparm with no Python on the number of instances i plug a node i update the values to 3 the callback is working fine any idears ?
  7. Hi all, I have a script that can do some cooking and timing in Houdini. However, right now I can only run it in UI mode. Is it possible to run my script using the houdini command line? Something like: houdini -batch -file "somefile.hip" - script "somescript.py"
  8. Curve Attributes Access

    Hello guys, Im a noob to python and Houdini in general. Now that we've got that out of the way, I am just testing out python, and i tried to create a little task for myself. I made a curve, and brought it into a new geo node, via object merge, and resampled the curve to 5 segments. I am attempting to make a loop, so a box is created on each of the 5 points on the resample node. Is there a way I can access the Px, Py and Pz attributes of the resample node from the geometry spreadsheet using python? I tried the get attribute code but i have received error message upon error message. Thanks!
  9. Stroke node input geometry force recook

    Hi, I'm doing a tool using the stroke node for breaking the corner of a geometry. User can isolate part of the geometry by selecting group. The problem appear when the user isolate a part and want to paint on the surface. It look like the stroke node don't refresh the geometry input and still use the inital geometry input as reference model for the stroke projection. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the problem is coming from the stroke node that not re-cooking when the user tick the isolate toggle and select a group. Does some one could give me a hint on how to fix that please, I'm pretty stuck right now.
  10. Listing nodes of a particular type?

    Hi all, how can I list nodes of a particular type in Houdini?
  11. Hi, Is there any way to check if a Position in the Network Editor is on a Connection or Not ( or near to it ) ? THX !
  12. Hey there! i’m new to python and scripting in general. I’m looking for python script that could align transform handles just like it exists with ‘M’ hotkey in the viewport. But rather than cycling through all possible options with M shortcut i’d prefer to be able to choose desired one with script. thanks for any help! Mikhail
  13. VoxelData To file

    Hi everyone ! I'm trying to export the density data in primitive intrinsic:voxelId out of houdini. In numpy which would be very convenient for me. At best i was able to get 1 frame or manually get all my frames as below. import pickle node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() volume = geo.prims()[0] densityVox = volume.allVoxels() f = hou.intFrame() pickle.dump(densityVox, open(filepath + str(f) + ".pkl" , "wb")) My question is pretty simple, is there a way to automatically make a list of those values with all frames(1 to 72 for exemples) and then export it. This would allow me at some point to automate different sims and export them. Thanks in advance for any help !
  14. Hi I'm trying to implement meshlabserver script in Houdini to process multiple pointcloud sequences with poisson reconstruction. I got it working with this code, that read a ply file (created upstream with a filecache sop) and output a new ply file temp_out_$F.ply after applying a meshlab script. Obviously the python sop passes to the next node the geo that receives form its input, which is the unprocessed -filecached- one. How can I clear the geometry and load the geo from the processed ply file (temp_out_$F.ply) inside the python sop? thanks for any kind of help! node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() import os os.system('C:/Programmi/VCG/MeshLab/meshlabserver -i C:/temp_in.ply -o C:/temp_out_$F.ply -m vc -s C:/poisson_sa_da_base.mlx -l C:/log.txt' )
  15. Hi guys, I'm creating an interactive cutting tool and I have trouble getting node parameters in the HDA parameters. I have imported toolutils and as long as I import only the build-in functionality of the node (draw curve node) it is working fine, but when I want to add parameters created by that node to the HDA parameters it is not working. Anyone can explain it to me how to properly import node proprieties to HDA or just give me a hint of where to look for that info?
  16. I'm getting an error message when trying to run the RizomUV sop. I checked with the main forum and found a fix (i.e rename the “rizomuv_processor1” node to “rizom_processor”. ), but it doesn't work for me. Mine seems to be a Python issue. I don't read/write Python, was wondering if someone could help me troubleshoot this please. Many thanks
  17. Hi, I'm posting here because my issue is a Python error, perhaps someone here could help. I'm getting an error message when trying to run the RizomUV sop. I checked with the main forum and found a fix (i.e rename the “rizomuv_processor1” node to “rizom_processor”. ), but it doesn't work for me. Mine seems to be a Python issue. I don't read/write Python, was wondering if someone could help me troubleshoot this please. Many thanks
  18. Hello! I am trying to implement python expressin in Object Merge node in parm "objectpath1" to get geometry from connected nodes to parent geo. So as final result if you connect/disconnect first input of test node geometry should switch to another one. Actually script working fine and storke of parm updating if i connect or disconect ANIM node, but object merge node do not updating geometry while i turn on/off "Enable Merge" toggle on object merge node. It's seems node just not cooking properly. Any suggestions how to solve this problem? Or maybe hscrip variant? P.S. check test setup in hip uploaded switch.hipnc
  19. Hi everyone, I am just wondering if Anyone can point me in the right direction for this. (or tell me if it is even possible) currently have a QtreeWidget in a python panel and I want to be able to drag one of the items in the list from the panel into the network view anf drop the file(execute the function needed). main trouble I am having is trying to logic working for the drag and drop events - what functions should I be looking for. - do i need to use Pyside2 events (can manage to get feedback from dragEnterEvent() and dropEvent(), but these only work in the panel it self) - or would it be built in events from houdini that need to be call? im no expert on this. any gurus out there that can throw me a bone? currently on hou18. cheers Daniel
  20. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has dabbled with building a custom environment for Python development in Houdini. My goal is to simulate the hython shell in visual studio code and run my script with corresponding feedback in a Houdini session. The SideFx documentation on Command-Line Scripting is a great start. I understand bash scripting and setting $PATH variables but with that said I am a noob for creating this kind of interwoven setup and could use some guidance.
  21. Hello, i am trying to load custom node from my galleries at startup. I know nothing about python I am able to load basic Houdini and Redshift nodes from script found , but after searching i was unable to find the proper script to load nodes from my personal galleries. i tried this to load a custom cam i made for redshift Mycam = hou.galleries.galleryEntries('cam1')[0] cam = obj.createNode("Mycam", "cam_1") EDIT: just figured out that i need to load a preset on the node.
  22. can we add startup scripts just for certain houdini project ? tried adding scripts folder in project and added 456.py in it ?....but doesnt seems to work It works fine for $HOME (user/documents) but not for per project....
  23. Hi, Can it be possible to toggle the parameter search ( magnifier ) of a parameters pane in Python ? I would create a toggle to show invisible parameters . Thanks in advance ! Sz
  24. Programmatically layout/home nodes ?

    Hi, I am programmatically generating Houdini scene (HIP) files After creating and connecting nodes, I'd like to perform a layout and home so that when the user open up the scene, it is not one ball of nodes in the center. Is there a way to do that in Hython calls, what about C++ ? Cheers
  25. hey guys! I require help understanding how to get a list of objects/instances/geo based on the intersection of bbox of custom geo being placed in a scene. How can we get the information? Thanks