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Point Cloud Open VOP question


I am reading a point cloud using "Point Cloud Open" VOP, so I am setting "Search Radius" and "Number of Points" to appropriate numbers, however I have a question: since this node is sampling a specific number of points in a certain radius, how does it calculate the final result? Meaning, If I set "Search Radius" to 0.5 and "Number of Points" to 10, then if the node finds 3 points 0.5 radius, how would it calculate the final result? I guess the most basic assumption is that it's going to average them? The documentation does not specify how this is done (http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini15.5/nodes/vop/pcopen).

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The pcopen just give you a handle with the points sampled at a given radius; Then you can use another pc function like pcfilter to average the result of some data over the handle points, or you can use some pc combo functions like pciterate-pcimport to construct a loop over the handle. The pc arsenal is very usefull and is faster in some cases than using arrays.



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