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VDB small / detailed objects

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has a good workflow for making a vdb volume for objects with lots of small detail, ex: a tree branch with leaves. I've tried scattering points across the geo at various scales, it just always seems to not be the best results, or numbers are stupid small. 

Any insight is appreciated!

Thank you

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You could try scaling all your geo up for your vdb calculation, doing all your sim data at that scale, then when exporting scale it back down. 

You could also try doing a for each node vdbing every piece of geo. Don't really like that method though. Just shooting out ideas.

leaves are extremely difficult because they are so flat. Vdb's do NOT like flat geo like leaves. You must extrude them in some way to where the vdb has information. a tree branch will be fine but not leaves. Anything flat like a ground needs to be extruded in some way. Why are you trying to vdb a tree with leaves?


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