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Python - Parameters 'Type'


How do you evaluate a parameter to determine it's contents 'type' - e.g. expression/string - 'type' method is currently crossed out in the docs



import hou

sel = hou.selectedNodes()

for i in range(len(sel)):
    for p in range(0, len(sel[0].parms())):
        print str(sel[0]) + ' = ' + str(sel[0].parms()[p].eval())
        print str(sel[1]) + ' = ' + str(sel[1].parms()[p].eval())

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It will return hou.parmTemplateType value, which is not exactly "expression/string" information. I think you can use this to get same result:


Not sure if there is a better method, but you can check for expression like this:

except hou.OperationFailed:
    print('Not expression branch.')
    print('Expression branch.')


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above should work on numerical parms, once that is determined and for string parms you could try something like....



raw = parm.unexpandedString()

if any(['`' in raw, '$' in raw, '(' in raw]):

    is_exp = True


or some variation depending on exaxtly what other than string literal you are trying to detect

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Thanks chaps - so added to this, is there a way to determine which language is used in the expression e.g. Python/Hscript or is it simply a case of interrogating the code to determine what it is?

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