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Houdini L-system based procedural forest and plants generator.

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Upload some photos with different bark colors.

First 2 photos is spruce, I think 50 years old, or more. It is about 1 meter in diameter. Next photo shows this tree with arrow. 

Next photos is trees about 20-30 years.

All bark colors is different. Will try to implement it with some texture blending in COPs.


But waiting for another references=)







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Thanks for the nudge (I did indeed forget... had an interview today)

This is the effect I mean... first a photo of a pinewood forest with varied ages. There's almost a feel of mistyness in the y axis.... the right side I've pushed saturation over the top... you can see that younger pines have a shift to red along the y axis. It's subtle, but in a forest makes the verticle almost pulse. Musical... either that or I've spent too much time trippin gin forests :-)


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Thank you, David! I very appreciated to you!

Forest is the place where you can hear voices of passed ages. It's really something special.

Pine and spruce has differences in bark, but the idea about colors by y axis is the same. Will implement this by layer of gradient in COPs.

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