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Houdini L-system based procedural forest and plants generator.

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I can't throw away my idea about creating forest and plants generator. And for this purpose i will use houdini l-system. Yes, this is hard, but other systems usefull only for bushes or some abstract plants, i think.

It will be long project. Later will add some progress pictures.

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At first i decided to make spruce or Picea Abies, cause think it is the most complicated tree.

Current progress presented in pictures. This is half of work on spruce. Next step will be replace curves in long branch with small branches with needles.




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Took a break from l-system coding and made some grow test. Just for fun =)

Rebuilded branch structure, added some angle parameters to needles and the probability of their growth.

It's just simple colors captured from viewport.

Forgot how to paste video in post body, so here is a link below. If some one knew how to paste it, please wright in reply!


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Rebuilded long branches structure. Added parameters to control length, tropism, angle and random angle of all lateral branches individually, based on growth rules.

On picture there is just a quick test on tube, to check how randomness work. All long branches have unique structure based on growth formula with different probabilities of cutting lateral branches.

Still a lot of work to do.


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13 minutes ago, stickman said:

Pine like this usually has a shift from reddish to blueish grey somewhere along the trunk. If you're interested,  I can dig out a photo I made as reference.

Thanks, stickman!
Ofc I am interested! The more references, the better will be final product)
Later will post my references too and I found that different trees has different colors, think that it is dependent of age of the tree. 

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