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Alexey Vanzhula

Flux. Modeling with soft blended boolean operations

This is really cool. I see you looking at what's going on in the Modo, Blender & Maya communities and creating tools similar to those that pop up there and adding to your toolkit. Which is really welcome, keep going! I want to see this become a widely-used product and/or inspiration for more and better modeling tools for Houdini.

Just please please please get it into the hands of people as soon as possible and gather feedback from diverse users so that you have an easier time tweaking the tool into something that's intuitive for pretty much anyone that tries to use it.

Price is quite steep. Of course you're putting a lot of work into it and what you're doing is valuable and not easy, but I believe many people will be turned off if you keep upping the price tag. Especially for Indie users adding another 50%+ to the price of the software is probably not super attractive. But you know your audience best, if enough people bought 1.0 maybe it's justified.

Anyway... I need to try Flux before I ramble more.

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The main problem about the price is that Flux 1.0 != Flux 2.0. Flux 2.0 based on my another toolkit Modeler with its modeling tools. Unlike 1.0 Flux 2.0 is not soft boolean node only. Current flux toolkit working name is "Modeler. Core" :) And new flux still have tools that are not shown in my videos

Edited by Alexey Vanzhula

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