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staggering a carve by primnum

I'm wondering if someone can help me out. I have a bunch of line primitives and i want use a carve sop to make them appear to grow. But I would like to stagger the effect so that prim 0 starts to animate with the carve and when its 50% prim 1 starts to animate and so on. I can't think of how to do it. I put them in a foreach loop but still not sure how to stagger the effect. help would be appreciated. 


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Hit "create meta import node" on "foreach begin" to allow access to the iteration attribute. 

Then add the following in to the second u parameter of the carve sop: 

clamp((1-$T)+(detail("../foreach_begin1_metadata1/", "iteration", 0)/2), 0, 1)

Should be good, providing your metadata node is named the same. 

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You can also set a vertical grid to rows and put a code like this into a wrangle:

float rad  = chf('radius');
float rot  = chf('rotation');
float time = chf('speed') * @Time;
float prim = chf('offset') * @primnum;

float surp = clamp(time - prim, 0, 1);
float side = fit01(@ptnum % 2, -1, 0.2);
float bbox = relbbox(0, @P).y * rot;
float grow = rad * side * surp;

@P.x = sin(bbox) * grow;
@P.z = cos(bbox) * grow;





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