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Exporting Houdini Rig to Maya

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Hello everyone, 

Is it possible to export a Houdini created rig into Maya for animation? I spent some time searching for an answer to this, but I couldn't really find anything.

The main reason that I ask this, is because I am planning to work on a small project with an animator friend of mine and she only knows Maya. I've been looking into Houdini's rigging tools a lot lately and am very impressed with its capabilities! While I do have a basic understanding of Maya and its rigging toolset, I would much rather use Houdini if at all possible.

Would exporting a Houdini rig for this kind of thing is doable? If so could you point me in the right direction to learn how the process might work?

Thank you in advance for any help that anyone might be able to give me.

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you'll not find this is any DCC app

the best you can do is export from Maya as FBX and use that as I guide to rebuild the rig.

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Well i can just speak for what i have see around me.

But Maya / Houdini Combo is often already enough for 95% of users. 

People who use Fabrik are those with very specific R&D needs and they use fabrik because it help them to fulfill those needs faster than by coding all themselves.


you have some interesting case study here. the knitting and fur stuff are not that impressive Houdini wise ...

But the article on rig evaluation in dneg is interesting. Fasten scene evaluation with LOT of character is definitly a great subject to investigate !

But use kraken to build a framework that could load your rig in both maya and H would be like killing a hornet with a rocket launcher.

I still feel that Maya has the edge for rig / anim for those (not so very good) reason :) : lot of good riggers / lof of animators / nCloth / nHair / Sculpt tools / Blendshape UI / pyQT UI / tons of script / tons of tuts / tons of help ...



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