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[Redshift] Only first frame of sim is rendering in frame range

A rendering problem has cropped up in a current project and don't know how to troubleshoot.

Fairly complex set up, at least for me, using 2 bullet solvers, high resolution textures and Copy SOP, animated camera.

Everything was rendering properly

Now when I render a frame range, I do see my camera move, but only  the first frame of the sim.

What is puzzling is when I scrub the timeline, I CAN see the sim properly.

Also if I go to a specific frame, and then choose to "Render Current Frame" in my ROP, everything renders as it should!

It's only when I choose to render a frame range that my sim doesn't render...

Any suggestions for troubleshooting appreciated!

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More testing needed but enabling "Sequence Rendering Full Scene Reload" under RS settings Main tab seems to solve the issue. Though don't recall having that checked before.

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