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Houdini dont display Arnold

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I have downloaded from solidangle demo of Arnold for my Houdini 15.5.717 and did everything like on the website and I dont have arnold options, nodes in my Houdini... Someone had something similar? I have correct paths in my enviroment like:


PATH = "C:/UsersXXX/htoa/htoa-2.0.0_r240c4dd_houdini-15.5.717/htoa-2.0.0_r240c4dd_houdini-15.5.717/scripts/bin;$PATH"

HOUDINI_PATH = "C:\Users\XXX\htoa\htoa-2.0.0_r240c4dd_houdini-15.5.717\htoa-2.0.0_r240c4dd_houdini-15.5.717;&"

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