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Found 103 results

  1. No shadows on tiles

    Hi, my problem is that I cannot create shadows on my tiles. test.01.hip Whenever I render with Arnold and a skydome light, there are no shadows on my tiles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Export spectra map to maya

    Hi, I want to export spectra value from Ocean evaluate - Export to Texture from Houdini and I want to apply same texture to maya and render in maya>arnold or redshift. If there is any help would be highly appreciated . Basically I need to render Ocean Simulation in maya instead of Houdini . Please Help!
  3. fun and play with particles

    having some fun with particles.... birth of a massive star. for my little #astrophysics exploration, i’ve created a star simulation using openCL in houdini. its based on nbody #physics model, only driven by #gravity. using #nvidia #quadro rtx 5000 #arnoldrender. the colours are not quite right, I am trying to integrate kelvin colour temperature. the current colour is based on density and speed. In this simulation, I assumed 48% amount of negative gravity to fill the mystery of dark matter. I used 1 million nbodies for the simulation. for the steps, I am planning to add finer particle streams to get more details. fast particle rendering with path tracer is hard !
  4. Crystals

    using Arnold's Nested Dielectrics feature.
  5. Hi guys I have a cloud volume render problem. I creat a instance VDB cloud and use ass to arnold render But in some places there appeared undesirable lines I will not have this error when I test in a single cloud and I only use standard_volume as the Shading I am also sure that there are no lights in these directions(2 arnold light) The horizontal or straight line in the image below is my problem I don't know how it is caused, is there any solution?
  6. Hi, I try to install Renderman and Arnold at the same time in my Houdini Indie 18.5.351 using package json files. Unfortunately I cannot use both together. I attached the json files if anyone want to have a look. If I only use Renderman, it works fine, if I only use Arnold it works fine, as soon as I try to use both, I get errors like this if I create a new geometry: And the render rop node is missing a lot of necessary settings. Maybe anyone has some experience with this and can give me a hint what I can do? Arnold.json Renderman.json
  7. I have an alembic cache of fluid running down from Houdini, then I bring it to Maya 2020 to render with motion blur. As I turn on motion blur option in Maya, it runs an error saying the normal changing from 1155536 -> 1155530. How do I fix this problem?
  8. Tribe is a framework and toolset, which allows the importing and rendering of Houdini crowds in alternate DCC's and renderers. Please visit http://tribe.chunkified.com for more information and contact details.
  9. When I import SOP to LOD the displacement value jump to 1. Even is I set the value in SOP level.
  10. Hey pals, I'm trying to use the Substance Archive COP (https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/sidefx-labs-substance-plugin/) node and connect the op:`opfullpath('/img/img1/img_OUT{color}')` to the arnold standard surface colour input in shops. On the principleshader in the demo you can use the mentioned path to achieve this but with Arnold I cant quite figure out how to link this up. Maybe another node is needed to be plugged into the shader? Thanks, as always!
  11. Hey pals, I'm trying to use the substance texture node and connect the "op:/img/img1/img_OUT{diffuse}" to the arnold standard surface colour input. On the principleshader in the demo you can use the mentioned path to achieve this but with arnold I cant quite figure out how to link this up. Maybe another node is needed to be plugged into the shader? Thanks, as always!
  12. Hey, Trying to workout a good asset workflow coming from Maya to Houdini. Geometry wise we are using Alembic and I'd like to add an attribute in Maya (or similar method) to define what materials are assigned to what geometry (shape assignment, never face assignment). Then in houdini use that attribute to assign materials to the alembic cache. So far I've managed to add a string attr to the shape nodes in Maya and export that into houdini fine. Once the alembic is unpacked I can see the attributes there. I cant seem to get those prim attributes to be used in the material node downstream though, as you could do with groups for instance. Any tips would be much appreciated, or other workflows that could be better. Cheers
  13. I'm trying to share osl shaders for all DCC about 97 osl shaders but I need some help to convert a int slider to a toggle checkbox(boolean) in mtd file. here is an example to load a texture [attr Add] houdini.label STRING "Add" houdini.type STRING "file:image" houdini.callback STRING "python:import htoa.texture; htoa.texture.imageFilenameCallback()" This create a button to load texture Here is an example for popup menu [attr Coordspace] houdini.type STRING "menu:replace:menu" houdini.menu STRING "world;world;object;object;camera;camera;shader;shader;screen;screen;NDC;NDC" This create popup menu with :world, object, camera, shader, screen, NDC How can I convert a slider to a toggle checkbox for this: [attr AutoGamma] houdini.label STRING "Auto Gamma" min FLOAT 0 softmax FLOAT 1 any help will be appreciated
  14. Hi, So I'm getting started with arnold through lops. The solaris workshop from sidefx is great but since we use arnold I'm missing a few pieces of the puzzle. 1. Aovs, is it correct that I need to create one rendervar node per AOV I want to export? I have tried both Raw type with "RGBA", "N" etc and LPEs: "C<RD>A" but don't get any output. 2. Is it correct that after the rendervars are defined we add a renderproduct node to reference all the rendervars, and give the image a name, is this where we add frame padding and fileformat, .exr? 3. Rendering with arnold standalone. After the "renderproduct" we add "rendersettings" and "usdrender_rop", none of those has any settings for exporting .ass files, do we render the final shot-usd file directly? And in that case what do we submit to deadline for example, a husk-job? If so what sort of licenses are used to pick up husk jobs? Any clarifications are greatly appreciated. Regards,
  15. Hello, I made a comparison between Arnold and Mantra renderer about vdb motion blur. Mantra works like a charm, but anyone knows why Arnold volume motion blur looks like this??
  16. Hey guys, I've installed Arnold version 5.0.1 for houdini 17.5.460 on windows but I can't get it to show up as a render option (I only have mantra and renderman available) I've looked at other forums and I've changed my .env file to match my directories but no luck unfortunately Thisi my .env file: # # Houdini Environment Settings # # The contents of this file are read into the environment # at startup. They will override any existing entries in # the environment. # # The syntax is one entry per line as follows: # VAR = VALUE # # Values may be quoted # VAR = "VALUE" # # Values may be empty # VAR = # # Example: # # HOUDINI_NO_SPLASH = 1 # htoa config start PATH = "$PATH;C:\Users\Danny\htoa\htoa-5.0.1_r5e954ab_houdini-17.5.460/htoa-3.2.2_rdc1beed_houdini-${HOUDINI_VERSION}/scripts/bin" HOUDINI_PATH = "C:\Users\Danny\htoa\htoa-5.0.1_r5e954ab_houdini-17.5.460/htoa-3.2.2_rdc1beed_houdini-${HOUDINI_VERSION};&" # htoa config end Any advice? Thanks
  17. Hi everyone, I'm trying to render vdbs with motion blur using mantra and arnold. With mantra it's working fine, but with arnold the motion blur won't be proper. I made a comparison. You can clearly see, something is not right. It became more obvious when I increased the velocity. The motion blur with mantra is excellent, but with arnold it became a mess. Do you have any idea what is happening here?
  18. Hi. I'm currently unable to obtain motion blur on render using Houdini and HtoA for a destruction sequence in a shot. This is a standard rbd setup using a packed .bgeo.sc geometry file. I am transforming this geo using the bullet simulation points transform attributes with the "Transform Pieces" SOP. It allows me to have @v attribute on my packed geo but Arnold doesn't seem to pick it up even though motion blur is enabled on my ROP. It seem to be due to the fact that my geo is packed since upacking it and transfering @v from the packed geo to the unpacked geo allows motion blur to work. This is a very noticeable performance hinder at render time since the geo is heavy and unpacking adds useless overhead. I was wondering, what is the proper "clean" workflow to render rbd simulation sequences from Houdini with Arnold? Would creating a .ass archive solves the problem? If so, do i have to export each frame, unpacked, to the archive? If so, it seems like a waste of hard drive space and time... Hoping someone can shed some light on this.
  19. Flat Tank and Arnold

    I am trying to replicate Houdini'sBasic liquid shader (E.g. Vorticity )and uniform volume shader in a Flat Tank created using Shelf tools while rendering using Arnold and so far I am unable to achieve anything close to what I get in Mantra. Could anyone let me know If it is possible in Arnold, If yes what should I do?
  20. Hello everyone. I made an explosion. I am rendering it at Arnold. However, I want to apply rest noise to temperature, but I am not sure how to do it. Inside the shop, I created the arnold shader as shown below. And I tried to apply rest noise. I don't know if I do this, but ... Rest noise doesn't seem to be applied, and when you just apply noise, the noise is broken. I want to make noise naturally, what should I do? Please help me. Thank you.
  21. Hello. This is a question about Arnold Render. 1. I want to apply noise to temperature. Let me know if you have any tips. (Or even related data ..) 2. How can I make a volume light on a mantra render in Arnold? Thank you. Images are captured videos (vimeo.com/346618946)
  22. Does anyone know if there is a way to use a image in COP network for Arnold dome light texture? I'm using this expression to read the image. op:`opfullpath("/img/comp1/OUT/")` It works with Mantra but it doesn't seem to work with Arnold. Perhaps this is not supported in Arnold? Thanks!
  23. Forest Fire

    Forest Fire entirely done using Houdini and Rendering in Arnold.
  24. hey guys. I'm a little in trouble. Arnold mesh light doesn't work well though I've tried it in the documentation and the topics here. Attach hip data. What is the problem? meshlight_test.hip
  25. Hello, I have a particle simulation in Houdini that I exported in a .bgeo sequence and collapsed into a Digital Asset. I import it in Maya using the Houdini Engine plugin, which allows me to load the .bgeo sequence. After shading, my particles are visible both in the viewport and in the Arnold Render View. Everything looks good. But when I try to render them using Render Sequence, they disappear. Same thing for Batch Render. I've tried looking through all the AOVs, using render layers, but my particles just won't render. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Is the problem coming from the way I export my particles in Houdini, or from Arnold itself? Thanks in advance.