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Found 2 results

  1. Ice growth effects

    Hi guys, I am back with some ice issues again :((. Basically I would like to replicate this: https://youtu.be/QVijodeE_b0?t=84 (1m24 to 1m27). I got the hip from Ben Watt and modified it a bit, in the attribute vop inside the solver sop I plug in some noise to drive the growth effect and It turns out as I desired. But I am stuck in creating the ice spikes, like in the reference. Could somebody take a look in the hip file attached above, and provide me some hint please? Thank you very much. bwd_qt01_LM.hip
  2. Hello magicians, This is my first post here. I am having an issue with rendering in Houdini using Mantra. I hope you could shed my some light on this. I have been stuck for days. Basically, I have a scene contains 3 spheres, chrome, metal and glass materials and a plane to catch shadow. I'd like to render out the chrome sphere, that has the shadow itself as well as the others two sphere reflections and shadows. I have no success so far in getting the shadows of two remaining sphere reflected on the chrome surface. I would be grateful if you can look into my hip and have some suggestions. Thank you very much. Cheers! 3dComp_v1.hip