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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, has someone an idea how to use the IMG_FileTTMap class (Tiled Texture Map)? I just want to load a texture, sample the color by UVs and i want to filter the image. The IMG_File class doesnt provide that and i cannot open the texture like this: IMG_FileTTMap* tex = IMG_FileTTMap::open(filename); So how can i use this class?
  2. Hi, i'm trying to save an image or rather a PXL_Raster to a file but there will be no genereted file. IMG_File *tex = IMG_File::open("D:/test.png"); UT_PtrArray<PXL_Raster *> images; tex->readImages(images); // First try if (IMG_File::saveRasterAsFile("D:/new.png", images[0])) cout << "Success!" << endl; // is not called // Second try if (tex->writeImages(images)) cout << "Success!" << endl; // is also not called tex->close(); delete tex; What i'm doing wrong? Has someone a tip for me? Thanks!