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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, It worked when I started using Houdini 5-6 months ago but now it doesn't. Every time I click on a node Template flag, Houdini doesn't show me the Template. I've tried going in the Display Options > Template Geometries but there is nothing I can change in there that makes the template show. I tried to revert back to OpenGL 2 also, doesn't work. Is there anything that I'm missing? Thx! C
  2. Hello guys. I am having some problems with the options under the PBR tab inside Properties of my Mantra node. I generated a photons map and I need to interpret it with a PBR render node. I cannot select the maps because I don't have the options. Any ideas why could this be happening? Thank you very much guys!
  3. Hi, Can anybody tell me how to create and set Data/options in a solver derived from SIM_SingleSolver? Have tried pretty much everything I could think of at this point... I can create Data by doing: SIM_Data* myData = SIM_DATA_CREATE(object, "MyData", SIM_EmptyData, 0);[/CODE] but after that, I cannot find a way to get to the options (creating, setting or reading it). I am looking for the HDK equivalent of this functionality in a scriptSolver DOP (Python): [CODE]optionValue = 1 subData = myDopObject.createSubData('MyData', 'SIM_EmptyData') subData.options().setField('myOption', optionValue)[/CODE] Your help is much appreciated!!!