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Found 268 results

  1. I'm having a devil of a time trying to get rid of fireflies in a render (files and an .exr frame attached). I've isolated it to the direct reflection pass (the hotspots along the nose in the pic), and Nuke tells me they are way hot superbrights. Doing the usual Google fixes (working with diffuse limit, boosting reflection quality and overall render quality, &c.) haven't changed anything. In the scene I have three lights and surprisingly it's not the environment light that's causing the problem (I isolated the lights and also boosted the sampling quality on the environment light), but the key light (a spot light, but I tried distant and area lights with the same result). This is my first time dabbling with Substance Painter, which I used for a quick not-too-boring look, and it looks like the problem might be with the roughness or metallic maps. They're .tgas, and open fine in Photoshop. If I turn off all maps and boost the roughness the hotspots are less hot and spotty, but I don't think that's actually causing the problem. I'm sure this is something easy and stupid. Thanks for any assistance! (Credit where due: the original bust is from a photoscan by Ryan Baumann on Sketchfab.) caligulaFireflies.zip
  2. hey guys, do you know if it is possible to use intrinsic information in a shader? something like intrinsic:indexorder in a render state just like with packed attributes. also, still in a render state, packed:primnum or packed:ptnum doesn't seem to be working. if i make an attribute in a wrangle on packed prims, let's say i@primid = i@primnum, and i call that in the shader with a render state it works as expected. any idea? thanks Martino
  3. Shading Theory with Karma

    I'm happy to announce that I've teamed up with SideFX to release a new free course! - Shading Theory with Karma. These videos are designed to teach you the fundamental ideas behind shading/texturing while utilizing the principled shader, karma, and my dear friend - Shaderbot. Visit CG Forge to download shaderbot along with access to the videos for free. https://www.cgforge.com/course?courseid=shadingtheory Have a nice day,
  4. hi guys, I tested panoramic rendering for 360 circle vision movie. This is rendered with Redshift. So I set the camera, View projection : Cylindrical(panoramic) and set Horizontal FOV to 360, Vertical FOV 180 in the Redshift Camera Settings tab. That is easy! But I want to same render images with mantra. Is there any way for camera setting or lens shader? please help, thanks.
  5. This is one of the FX development I did for the Chinese animated feature 哪吒 (NeZha). All the FX are done in Houdini using flip and custom airfield to generate the waterfall effect, rendered in Mantra and final comp in Nuke.
  6. Hi, I have a question about how to manage CPU usage when rendering Mantra. When I do a local Mantra test, or batch render from mantra node > Render to Disk, my workstation is a kind of freezing because Mantra really forces to use CPU 100%. Then I go to tasks manager > details > mantra.exe and set to either a lower priority or remove some CPU cores. It really works to get Windows performance back. However, when mantra finishes a job per frame or session, the CPU setting gets reset and back to full CPU usage again. Thus I wonder if we can change a default CPU setting for mantra permanently. Thanks
  7. Smoke houdini

    Smoke rbd houdini + hip file In this asset, the dynamics of the interaction of solid objects with volimetry as well as the dynamics of the destruction of the object are added. https://artstn.co/m/JnJq hip file Cloud and fire houdini + hip file This project presents the procedural modeling of stones, creating a lightning strike, working with sand, clouds, and fire. The final animation can be viewed at the link below or in my portfolio. https://artstn.co/m/Bq6a hip file Lava smoke houdini + hip file This asset presents the dimanics of hot lava smoke, the dynamics of the lava itself, and the shaders of smoke and lava The final animation render can be viewed at the link below or in my portfolio https://artstn.co/m/pJaG hip file Ice smoke houdini + hip file In this asset, not only work on creating cold smoke is presented, but also work with sand and its dynamics, particle emitter, procedural modeling of crystals and stones, as well as a full render of a scene with shaders. The animation that happened in this can be seen on the link below. https://artstn.co/m/d0Ak hip file
  8. Waterfall Bending VFX breakdown from 哪吒 (NeZha). I was responsible for all the FX and rendering FX elements. All the FX are created in Houdini and render in Houdini Mantra, final composite done in Nuke.
  9. I left a TOPs network rendering some camera angles, but it's stopped with missing frames in one of the sequences (1-112 where it should be 1-144) Dirty and cook returns done. The caveat is I have 'Cook frames as single work item' on for post-processing nodes (ffmpeg and then some python in this case), when I deselect this I get all the frames and it picks up. How can I get it to check the frames, discover which are missing and pick up where it left off? OR would it be better to let it cook individual frames and then group the output by filename and push that into ffmeg?
  10. Cloud tornado with water VFX breakdown from Chinese feature 哪吒 (NeZha), I was responsible for creating and rendering of all the effects using Houdini Pyro and Flip, render in Mantra.
  11. Reflection with alpha

    Hey everyone, I've got a question that, even after lengthy research still has me stumped. I've got a pyro fireball and a ground geometry that reflects the fireball. The simple question is: How do I set up the ground plane and its material so it reflects the fireball, including alpha, and just gives me a black alpha where there is nothing to reflect? I've tried to force it to phantom, that just makes it invisible, other, somewhat hacky workarounds like this one are rather old and in the SHOP context. Nothing I tried seems to work. When I'm working in 3ds max and Vray, I use this technique all the time (vray object properties -> reflection/refraction matte), I just don't get how this can be this much of a faff in Houdini, so I'm probably missing something pretty obvious. I'm grateful for any and all help, thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, I'm having problem with displacement that when I try to add it it just stops rendering some polygons and there are gaps between others. Ive recreated it in a simple scene with noise for displacement. Could someone tell me where I got it wrong and how to get rid of the gaps? Also if you had a sample setup for displacement from exr texture that would be great. I just spent the whole day trying million different things but all have the same broken result. Here is the the .hiplc scene and the original and displaced render. As you can see there is bunch of polygons missing at the top of the displaced one :/ Also image of setup bellow. test_disp.hiplc Thanks Martin I'm using: Houdini FX Version 18.0.349 Rendering with Mantra Windows 10 x64
  13. hey i am new to houdini and i just created something like explosion, and i want to render with a moving camera, so the scene is moving. can i do it? will it take a longer time to render with animated camera? i am afraid that it wont work so mybe someone who has done it before can tell me?
  14. I've start test Houdini 18 and Arnold 6. the first test was simple splines rendering, 250.000 splines instanced 25 times. it loads a 140MB alembic file. rendered in 6 core Xeon CPU and Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000. (windows 10 pro) the startup for Arnold GPU is slow, it renders faster, so it seems but for clear up the final image it takes for forever or just dropped /crashed, hard to tell on the GPU. the CPU is quite fast but much slower then GPU if it ever would finish. (adaptive sampling was on) As soon as Arnold finishes rendering the scene, it stops and do not refresh any more on parameter changes. so far i am not impressed with the Arnold GPU rendering. here is the same scene Arnold CPU with only direct Lighting. (on my MacBook) some test with Arnold GPU. it performed much better with just direct lighting.
  15. mantra start time

    i recently ran into rather lengthy startup times with mantra. here's the log: [08:34:38] Generating Image: ip (1024x768) [08:34:38] Plane[C]: 0 Cf+Af[4] (32-bit float) [08:34:38] SampleFilter: alpha [08:34:38] PixelFilter: gaussian -w 2.2 [08:34:38] VEX Type: vector4 [08:34:38] Gamma: 1 [08:34:38] Dither: 0.5 [08:34:38] Gain: 1 [08:34:38] White point: 1 [08:34:38] Plane[Op_Id]: 0 Op_Id[1] (16-bit float) [08:34:38] SampleFilter: closest [08:34:38] PixelFilter: minmax idcover [08:34:38] VEX Type: float [08:34:38] Gamma: 1 [08:34:38] Dither: 0.5 [08:34:38] Gain: 1 [08:34:38] White point: 1 [08:34:38] Plane[Prim_Id]: 0 Prim_Id[1] (16-bit float) [08:34:38] SampleFilter: closest [08:34:38] PixelFilter: minmax idcover [08:34:38] VEX Type: float [08:34:38] Gamma: 1 [08:34:38] Dither: 0.5 [08:34:38] Gain: 1 [08:34:38] White point: 1 [08:34:38] reading geometry from /tmp/houdini_temp/ifds/storage/638_165.1_000_1584.bgeo.sc ... [08:34:38] Deleting temporary geometry '/tmp/houdini_temp/ifds/storage/638_165.1_000_1636.bgeo.sc' ... [08:34:39] Load Time: Frame Wall Clock Time: 0:00:00.97 Total Wall Clock Time: 0:00:00.97 Total CPU Time: 0:00:03.55 System CPU Time Only: 0:00:01.14 Peak Memory Usage: 135.15 MB page rclm : 77201 flts: 0 # swaps : 0 blocks in : 0 out: 10 switch ctx: 13 ictx: 13666 [08:34:39] VEX Shaders Loaded: op:/shop/body op:/shop/body ... [08:34:39] [08:34:39] Thread Count: 28 [08:34:44] mantra: [RAY_ProcGT] procedural warning: Optimization not run on geometry (this may be ok) [08:34:44] Creating geometry (/obj/sub1/body) ... [08:34:48] Rendering: X(-1, 46) Y(767, 768) ... everything looks fine until "Thread Count". after that it does nothing for 5 seconds. then "Creating geometry" takes another 4 seconds before the first pixel finally shows up. so in total it takes 10 seconds everytime i hit the render button. that's not an ideal situation. the scene in question here is no monster at all. in fact it's not even a full scene but just a lookdev rig with 3 lights and one model. polycount is about one million, the geometry is loaded from external bgeos from an ssd and switching the file node to "packed disk primitive" made no difference. now this is a common situation and the usual fix is to create archives. i tried the ifdarchive rop but it made no difference. i'm not sure though that i did it right since i didn't load the bgeos created by the rop anywhere. unfortunately i couldn't find any proper info about this subject anywhere and i'm not even sure that would be the right solution.
  16. I am working with the sea of cloud.It takes me too mach time to rendering it,so I want to render this cloud seperately and composite them by using the DEEP Camera Map,but there is no relationship between clouds,because they are rendering seperately.I want to know if there is a solution to add the shadow to the cloud. secondly ,what's the difference between Deep Shadow Map(DSM) and Deep Camera Map(DCM)?
  17. How to remove points from render

    I was following a tutorial from @librarian (a nice dude) but i stepped on the following problem: the points render and at sop level appear. I have everything exactly the same on my proyect as the tutorial and still they appear on sop so they end up rendering It should look like this: My proyect grilla3.hip Model solu2od.hipnc Thanks a lot
  18. Hello! I'm trying to render the new substance material node in H18 and I get the following errors on the console: [22:31:44] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/../../copnet/HEIGHT' [22:31:44] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/../../copnet/NORM' [22:31:44] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/../../copnet/DIFF' [22:31:44] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/../../copnet/METAL' [22:31:44] mantra: Unable to load texture 'op:/../../copnet/ROUGH' It just renders that weird red brown color with that error. I've attatched a screenshot. In the viewport the material and node work fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  19. Recent work from Chinese animated feature 哪吒 (NeZha), I was responsible for creating and rendering of the water effects using Houdini flip to build a guided system for water and render in Mantra, final compositing done in Nuke.
  20. I have a switch with some inputs. Swtich input is linked to $F to loop through. For all of the inputs I created a detail attribute "type" e.g. "sphere" / "torus" / "box". The null node reads the detail attribute and writes the value in its parameter. I want to setup the rendering in a way that it will skip the render if the null node detects that I am rendering a "box". I thought of doing that with a pre frame script that checks the parameter of the null node if its == "box" and then skip the render. What would be the best way to skip the render here? Is there a hscript or python expression for that? Jon skipFramesByAttributeValue.hip
  21. Hello; In Mantra, is it possible to render a region, in sequence? Thanks.
  22. Hi; I would like to render smoke with motion blur, so I turned on "Geometry Motion Blur" option on "pyro_import" geometry, but it doesn't work. Any idea? Thanks.
  23. Render deep data with Mantra

    Hey guys, I was wondering if it is possible to export exr images with deep data information in them. It would be to use those in Nuke later for Deep Compositing. Also, I would like to know what is the difference between exporting a fully textured model from an explosion or a fire. Cheers! Trapo.
  24. Howdy, I'm running into memory issues when baking textures (using the Bake Texture mantra node). Right now I'm unable to bake 2048x2048 textures on a machine with 32GB of RAM at a 16x16 sample rate, which doesn't seem right. I'm seeing two different bad behaviors: 1. It starts rendering and the RAM usage just builds up and up until eventually it crashes. 2. It renders until the RAM usage is basically maxed out, then the CPU usage goes down to 3%, and the render never finishes. I'm not sure why it's not flushing any of the RAM as the render goes on? More details: I'm not rendering any extra image planes. I've tried png, exr and rat file outputs. I've tried setting a Cache Limit using both memory ratio & fixed size, but neither seemed to do anything. Running on Windows 10. Houdini 16.0.557 Looking for ideas for how I can fix this. Hoping there's something stupid I forgot.
  25. Hey everyone, Whenever I go to the render viewport in Houdini 17.0.352 I get the following message "Error : failed to save output to file "traceback (most recent call last):" I joined here both the error message I get when I start Houdini and the Message I get when trying to render using mantra. BUG report.pdf Trying to render a frame manually (save to jpeg) also leads to an error. I tried reinstalling Houdini or even deleting preferences but none of this worked. I believe this is a bug linked to Python, but can't figure out what exactly. -- Could you guys please help me with this situation ?