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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there, I'm relatively new to Redshift an encountered a problem that by searching and looking into the documentation I couldn't solve. I set up a simple scene with an Ocean (Standard material with slightly modified Water Preset) and a rough sand-like surface beyond the Ocean. Whith caustics enabled in the Domelight settings i get smarties, where - beyond the water surface - caustics should render. Why? Modified Redshift ROP Settings: Unified Sampling: 128 - 1024 Global Illumination: Primary>Brute Force, Secondary>Irrandiance Point Cloud Photon Mapping: Caustics & GI enabled A hint here would be much appreciated! Thanks
  2. Experiment with a glass

    - basic environment light, - material gallery glass, - adding area-light, - liquid object with glass material, - enabling SSS in glass material for liquid, - creating a caustic light and low-intensity spot-light as a caustic light mask, - changing Phong to GGX for light reflections. Finally, rendering caustics in a separate pass with glass set as matte and putting it together: experiment_with_glass.hipnc.tar.gz