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Found 2 results

  1. FLIP colliders flickering

    So after a very lengthy FLIP sim I'm finding that my colliders are arbitrarily flickering in and out and disappearing altogether. I had done various tests--this happened a lot with lower res settings but seemed to stabilize at the final sim resolution--until frame 240 (of 250). The problem appears to be in the static object itself creating the collision geo. It's set to use volume collisions, mode is volume sample, division method by size at 0.005 division size. The object is an animated person at scale (about two units = 2 meters tall), this setting was about as large as I could go and not lose details. The .abc itself is imported and unpacked. The same object is used elsewhere to drive a pyro sim and it's working fine there. How can I ensure that my colliders don't just disappear?
  2. POP Grains Collision Issue

    Hey there, I'm having an issue with my POP grains sim. I'm trying to simulate spaghetti or noodles on a plate which are thrown up into the air as the plate is flipped. I was able to modify a scene file to create the noodles and create collision geometry based off an alembic file I was provided. However I'm having two issues: 1. My grains don't stick to the plate the entire time, some of them go through my collision geo 2. I'm getting some very weird stretching with the grains as the sim progresses. I'm not sure if there is some other collision elements that I am missing or settings on the grain nodes that I need to tweak. I've attached a flip and hip file. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! noodles_v01.mp4 noodles_v04.zip