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Found 1 result

  1. hey guys i'm properly having my chuddies rubbed here. I've got a scene where i have a simple walk cycle character. I'm trying to get him to crumble away but for the life of me i cant get the bloody thing working!!! I've tried putting a colour on the character, then a group with a few red points. then i'm using a small wrangle code from a yt tutorial to 'infect' outwards from those red points. I've tried this in the sop context and in the sop solver within dops and its biting my ass big time now. I cant understand what i'm not doing right. in the same scene i'm also doing the same trick with a sop solver and a pointvop for noise/colour this works ok but the character moves 'through' the 3d noise and those grains fall away - but i cant suss out how to lock that 3d noise down so it moves with the character as opposed to him sliding through it :/ can anyone help here? I'm at my wits end with sop solvers - i've a feeling i'm close but its that final tweak just to get it to work thats eluding me I've included a scene with the two examples/fails and my walk cycle alembic for you cheers ant GrainWalk4_using_infect_wrangle.zip