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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I'm wondering if someone has done something similar and could help me with this. My project involves a building destruction triggered by a earthquake...I managed to get everything done excepted breaking the windows glasses. I need help/advice/tips on how I can constraint the glass to the windows frame pieces (static deforming rbd packed) so some of the glass shards will be glued around the windows frames during the whole shot. I have the widows frames fractured baked out already. So far I don't know how to update the constraint network to the static deforming geometry...in other words, the constrained geometry is not sticking to the deforming geometry but stay stationary instead. It seems what I want to achieve is not straight forward and everything involving constraints networks on static deforming packed objects is a tedious task involving lots of vex coding and scary stuff (I'm a beginner)...but I hope someone can check out my scene and offers some tips or guidelines. I have attached a simplified version of the scene (sorry for the big zip, I included the windows sim cached) Thanks! Destruction_help.zip Glass constrained to the windows: