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Found 2 results

  1. RBDs and Field Forces

    Hi all, Hopefully a simple question... how can a single RBD object get affected by a Field Force in such a way so that it spins? See attached hip file for the following discussion... I've set up a vector volume with vectors that push in the +ve x direction in the lower half of the box, and in the -ve x direction in the upper half. I've used this volume to create a Field Force. In the middle of that, I've placed a single RBD box. There's no gravity or ground plane. When I simulate, as far as I can tell, the rigid body only samples the Field Force at its center of gravity as it just starts to drift in position slightly. I would have expected the box to rotate a lot! I have a few questions: Is there a way of getting the RBD box to add up contributions across its surface to respond correctly to the field force? I should be developing a lot of torque on the box from this field. I tried playing with the Sampling parameter. Switching between Point, Circle, and Sphere, but they don't make a difference. How is this parameter supposed to be used? The Field Force node seems to respond to any SOP Vector Field I plug into it without worrying about the name of the volume I create in SOPs. So what's the purpose of the "Force Attribute" and "Torque Attribute" name parameters? How can I add torque? Think that about covers it. Thanks for any help you can give Ta! Andy field_force_test.hip
  2. Hello, I'm fairly new to houdini, and just learning what you can achieve with it. I need a Forcefield based on the change of velocity in RBD objects. I tried to isolate the points with changing velocity with a VOPSOP and a Timeshift comparing the velocities (the same technique used in the waterfall tutorial on vimeo). It works well, but i thought about applying a force field with the simulated and isolated objects as a source, but that doesnt seem to work. The force field doesnt follow the simulation. I#ve attatched a file to show you what i mean exactly: RBD_Force_field.hipnc