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  1. Hi guys, I just want to ask one quick question. I am using bullet solver and want to count hit value of pieces with collision geomectory. I tried pop collision detect also but its not working on rbd. thanks
  2. Dear Forumers, I have an issue with a scene I am doing. I am making a car crash for my reel, and learning how from a tutorial of a helicopter crash by Steve Knipping. I have come across this error: Warning Invalid source /obj/fracture/rbdconstraintsfromrules1/switch_use_proxy Error: Not enough sources specified.. Unable to cook the test input. Unable to cook the test input. in an RBDUNPACK SOP. I have gone through my networks and some options a few times but cannot work out the problem. Any help much appreciated. THANKS Nick PS: I deleted the original geo node with the car fbx to make .hip smaller, my current geo is in a cache and bgeo.sc attached CARCRASHforODFORCE.hiplc filecache_body_fracture_v1.0001.bgeo.sc
  3. Hi guys, I hope you can help me with setting up this vellum inflation scene... Basically, I have animated a sphere expanding and used the rest blend node inside the vellum solver to inflate the sphere. What I would like to achieve is an interaction where the vellum inflation sim interacts with a rigid body 'plinth' that it is initially sitting on rather than it just being a static collider object. I have tried using the vellum shape match constraint for this behaviour but have found it tends to deform the shape which is not ideal. Preferably, I would like to know if it is possible to use RBD dynamics inside of a DOP network and have that interact with the inflating vellum sim... The entire sim would also sit inside of a static container too as the plan is to squash the vellum soft body against the walls of the container. Any help on this would be really appreciated. Thanks! Vellum_Rigid_Body_Interaction.hiplc
  4. Houdini FFX Collection Get it here: Gumroad: https://davidtorno.gumroad.com/l/ffxcollection FFX Collection is a collection of scene builds and techniques for the intermediate users of Houdini. Those looking for quick setups, wanting to get more familiar with VEX use cases, and wanting to get started in Karma and Material X. This collection of “presets” as it were showcases a variety of topics within Houdini. Builds include FLIP, RBD, Vellum, POP, Pyro Solver, SOPs, LOPs, TOPs, Karma, and Material X. All renders use 100% fully procedurally generated textures created with Material X noises. The only exceptions are the test geometry textures which are directly read from their HDA embeded jpg textures. The HDA is a simple drop down list of all fifty builds, of which you choose the one you want and click “Build It” to have the tool generate the entire build for you. By default there is Network box organization to help understand the flow and processes that are occuring. Additionally there are annotated tips, and helpful explainer sticky notes to help inform an techniques used. These annotations are also optional and can be turned off before building the network. For those wanting to dive straight into everything there is to offer, there is a “Build All” button to create all 50 builds. This option will have each build turned off by default, so as to not overload your machine with too many items trying to cook. All builds involve various techniques and useful information. Each “category” is defined by the primary method used for the solution used. Be that by SOP nodes directly, VEX code, VOPs network, or even by simulation type like Vellum, Flip, RBD, or Pyro. Vellum does have a few builds under the VEX category as well. Builds include: FLIP Attraction To Curve Shape FLIP Fill Solid Object FLIP Melt Object FLIP Object Surface Advoidance ForEach Incriment Point Count Per Curve ForEach Poly Reduce Pieces By Volume Attrib ForEach Stacking Random Cubes PyroSolver Geometry Ripples PyroSolver Pyro Color Change Over Time PyroSolver Pyro Color From Texture RBD Activate Pieces RBD Apply Proxy Sim To HiRes Source RBD Attraction To Curve Shape RBD SOP Emit Every X Frames RBD V W Constrained Axis SOPs 8Bit SOPs Cull Random Curve Segments SOPs Dissolve Curve SOPs Dissolve Geo SOPs Echo Curve SOPs Post Shrink RBD Pieces Over Time SOPs Stone Path Vellum Animate Restscale Via Attrib Vellum Basic Fluid Cloth Two Way Coupling Vellum Cloth Flows Along Curve Vellum Define Cloth Ripping Vellum Flag In Wind Vellum Inject Geo Over Time Vellum Paper Whirlwind Vellum Spheres Expanding In Box VEX Blend Mask VEX Cull Back Faces VEX Custom Guides For Vellum Hairs VEX Falloff Radius Around Curve VEX Geo Look At Target VEX Geometry Ripples VEX Guided Infection VEX Per Poly Transform Via Particle Proximity VEX Per Prim Rotation Around Edge VEX Repeat Ramp Values VEX Ring Waves With Falloff VEX Rotating Grid Tiles VEX Sin Cos VEX Sliding Points Along Curve VEX Vellum Dangling Cables VEX Vellum Sim Forces From SOPs VEX Vellum Source Emission Instancing VEX Voronoi Fracture Animated VOP Blend Mask VOP Orientation Along Curve
  5. Hi, I made a rbd simulation of a glass building and I am trying to remove the inner faces as they show up in the render before any force gets applied to the building. The issue is that when I am applying the dop import after the rbd connected faces, the prim distance doesn't change for each inner face and therefore the faces at frame 1 don't get deleted. I created a simple file with a fractured cube with both a rbd bullet solver (which works) and a dop import connecting a dop net containing a rigid body solver (which doesn't work). I am sure that the dop import settings is the node that has the issue but I am unsure how to solve it. If someone knows how to make the distanceprim attribute work pls help. test19.mov test_int_faces.hipnc
  6. Collision issue. Why does my falling debris seem to 'float' above the surface after collision? You can see from the cast shadow that the debris is not actually in contact with the collsion heightfield. C__Users_bach4_Documents_00_WorkInProgress_Houdini_DebrisPile_RBD_v06_Megascans.hiplc - Houdini Indie Limited-Commercial 19.5.753 - Py3.9 2023-10-01 21-17-48.mp4
  7. I created a guided simulation, When I enabled the active with bound in RBD configure the pieces did not move, What did I do wrong?
  8. Hi, I'm looking for ways to activate and keep active pieces from RBDConfigure with active use bounds on. Here, I have a tentacle come out of the ground, the bounds its my tentacule its self, first bounds active the closest pieces. But a few frames later, The active pieces that go out of bounds become inactive again. This is a ways to force to keep active ? Thank you
  9. My popular Custom Velocity Forces class just got UPGRADED! Previous students enrolled should already see the updates now. For new students you can enroll here: Learn more Thanks for the all the support everyone! Updated promo video for the class:
  10. Hello, does anyone know how I can make the radial fracture of the glass larger than 10x10?, I have tried all the options and configurations and I can't get it to expand beyond there, I need it to cover the entire surface of my 30x30 geometry. Thanks!
  11. Dear Forcers, How can I make it so certain edge's in my model are NOT effected at all by the detail edge noise setting in glass mode in the RBD fracture material? Thanks 5D
  12. Hey, I'm having trouble emmiting random packed prims in an RBD solver. Wondering if somone can help me as I'm very close to the outcome I want. For some reason the geometry won't stay true to it's attribute "variant"? Anyways I attached the hip file if somone could please help it would be much appreciated! Thanks, RBD_help01.hiplc
  13. Hi Houdini friends, Does anyone know how to use mask field in DOP net? I'm doing a simulation of leaves on the ground reacting to a car passing by. I need to control the wind force to affect only where the car is passing, where other leaves remains more still. Is there any way to mask out the affected area and have the wind force only affect that area and have dynamic change on the mask object? Or if there's other ways to do this? Thank you so much!!!
  14. Anyone expereinced with Houdini to Unreal workflows? Looking for some sort of comparison table to help determine when to use different export options for animated or deforming meshes. - VAT - alembic - fbx via rbd to fbx - fbx via dembones skinning converter So many options!
  15. EDIT* Solved... sort of... it seems that you can't do it in one sim. First do an rbd with forces pushing up below the "waterline" and down above it to simulate gravity. The do a low res flip using the rbds as coliders. Then advect a new rbd sim with those velocities. Then do a high res flip. So lots of back and forth... Hello! How do you achieve this sort of thing? https://vimeo.com/153607646 or https://vimeo.com/312753480 I can get fractured rbds to float on water but i can't get them to work when I try do do it with constrains and colliders like the above examples. I have a scene with fractured geo (using material fracture sop) and a dopnet with geo as a "fractured object" (not packed) . This is held in place with glue and pin constraints. I have the flip (flat tank) solver feedback set to 1 (I've tried all different values, 0.1-10) and the merge set to mutual. everything is using volume collisions. I have the fractured geo plugged in to the "merge collisions" in the in the fliptank initial wavetank but i've also tried changing the waterline so there is no intial contact between the rbds and flip. It explodes. The fractured object pieces fly off or sink and the flip is out of control (overreacting to the rbd pieces). Thanks in advance!
  16. Trying to do bacterial growth with bullet, I can grow the bacteria rods with the v@scale attrib and then replace the extended rods with two split bacteria, that then grow and split: replicate_bac_8-31.mp4 The problem is that the rods don't get pushed around like I would like. They wind up all oriented the same and pile up on each other. I am sure it is due to how I am sourcing the split prims... When I simply spawn the rods and then grow them they push each other around properly: spawn_bac_8-31.mp4 Here is the hip file with both the grow and split and the spawn: bac_replicate_rnd_01.hiplc There's an old post on this topic that has a good reference for the bacterial replication, but no attempts at using bullet: I also tried going back to 18.5 and using intrinsic transforms instead of what I suppose is the naive method of copying to points, - and using the reset bullet id trick instead of the @scale attrib as in H9.X - but the results were pretty much the same, here's the hip for that: bac_rnd_18-5_01.hiplc And also some other nice ref showing how the bacteria can twist and make strands ( ultimately the goal is to show a similar effect): elife-32976-video3.mp4 I would appreciate any insight into this - a lot of this bullet stuff still seems like voodoo. For instance I am merging the new prims with existing prims and then deleting the old prims just to get the bullet attribs on them, I couldn't find any information about how to properly initialize new bullet prims for example. So thanks for any attention to this -jb
  17. hi, facing a very wierd issue in rbd material Fracture . i am trying to export uvs with the fractured geo but only inside geo UVs are getting exported. and this is happening only in wood fracture. concerete and glass exporting both (outside and inside) uvs. is there any solution to it. please help me out if anybody has faced or solved this kind of issue. in houdini when u look at the uvs its there but when exporting to maya only inside is getting exported.
  18. Hi all have a question. I am using voronoi fracture for chunks and inheriting velocity and active attributes in dopnet, active attribute is working fine but velocity is not working, i want the chunks on active to explode rather than simply go down. i tried sop solver in dops to bring in velocity manually using attribute wrangle and its working fine but the problem is it is continuous and pieces affected by velocity always but i want as long as active attribute is 1 on any piece it gets velocity to explode rather than continue with velocity. any help? i have attached hip file and image. thanks in advance chkbox.hip
  19. I have normals following each other. The distance between two points is kept in the @perimeter attribute. I want @N to unfollow when @Perimeter crosses the distance I set. I did a setup but it doesn't work properly @N direction keeps changing. Scene file: N_direction.hiplc
  20. Hi everyone, I have a question about flip sim as I am new to flip sim. Here is the Flip sim what looks like now. but What I am achieving is, -A Character I got from Maximo (Sonic) jump into the ocean and stick Sonic's head out of the water. What's issues I have are, -FBX's character animation doesn't show up in DOP. Static character slowly sinks into the water, with less splash than video I attached. I have done FBX Character Import, BoneDeform, OUT as null and paste into SOP path in RBD object. -How can I make stick the character's head out of the water from the bottom of the water tank? Probably make switch for active/non-active in RBD Solver? Sorry for my poor English. Hope some attachments makes sense what I am trying to say. Thank you! Houdini File Water_Tank_vODF.hipnc WaterTank_v002.avi
  21. why does the collision act as a solid object despite not being solid. Am I doing something wrong?
  22. If the distance is greater than 0.0005, the mesh is visible, otherwise it disappears. What I want to do is once it is visible, I want it not to disappear anymore even if it is less than 0.0005. I tried using a solvent but failed. test.hipnc
  23. Hi there , i try to reproduce this effect where rbd spheres grow on on the surface of an object , but i'm a bit stuck , i can't figure how to make the spheres scale and sitck them to the surface 24995361_925672154261694_3044092883122389710_n.mp4
  24. Hi guys, I have two RBD objects, floating on FLIP-fluid. I set the Density (mass) to 400 (lower than the fluid mass). When two objects are of the same amount of mass, they have to react in the same way, right? I mean in this case, they have to stay on the surface. The problem is the bigger object stays on the surface, but the smaller one sinks into the fluid: - How can I fix it? - How can I set the density(mass) in the SOP level (as an RBD source)? Thanks for helping. Floating RBDs.hip
  25. Hi all, I am hoping someone can help me understand why my geometry looks like this after fracturing, it has some weird anti-aliasing(?) geo issues on the glass texture after using material fracture. Have an image here of before fracture and then after fracture. If anyone can help me understand why this is happening, would be really grateful as i've bee unable to solve this for hours. thanks Before fracture After fracture
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