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Found 537 results

  1. Hi, I have a fractured simulated object that is colliding with other object and I want to make some of the pieces to stick to the collider for rest of the simulation. I am not sure if I should do it with constraints or if there is any other way. I found this example video which is pretty much what I am looking for - Sticky RBD sim. I will be really grateful for any advice or example file. Thank you.
  2. RBD Material Fracture

    Hi, I have been using the RBD material fracture node just to create a simple glass shatter effect in Houdini (v18.5.462). Whenever I reopen the file I am getting "Load warnings and There are either Synchronizing child node" or "Skipping unrecognized parameter" node error". Nothing has changed between when I have created the file and reopened it. Not sure why is it happening. Does anyone has any clue about this? " Warning: Problem while synchronizing child node: Warning: Problem while synchronizing child node: Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "searchradius". Skipping unrecognized parameter "usetags". [/obj/Fracture/rbdmaterialfracture1/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/primary] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "vexsnippet". Skipping unrecognized parameter "vex_strict". Skipping unrecognized parameter "vex_exportlist". [/obj/Fracture/rbdmaterialfracture1/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/volumenoise] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "vexsnippet". Skipping unrecognized parameter "vex_exportlist". Skipping unrecognized parameter "vex_strict". [/obj/Fracture/rbdmaterialfracture1/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/noisedscatter1/volumevop2] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "depthmethod". [/obj/Fracture/rbdmaterialfracture1/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/rbdinteriordetail] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "external". [/obj/Fracture/rbdmaterialfracture1/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/chipping/rbdrewireconstraints1] Problem while synchronizing child node: Warning: Problem while synchronizing child node: Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "searchradius". Skipping unrecognized parameter "usetags". [/obj/Fracture/rbdmaterialfracture2/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/primary] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "vexsnippet". Skipping unrecognized parameter "vex_strict". Skipping unrecognized parameter "vex_exportlist". [/obj/Fracture/rbdmaterialfracture2/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/volumenoise] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "vexsnippet". Skipping unrecognized parameter "vex_exportlist". Skipping unrecognized parameter "vex_strict". [/obj/Fracture/rbdmaterialfracture2/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/noisedscatter1/volumevop2] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "depthmethod". [/obj/Fracture/rbdmaterialfracture2/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/rbdinteriordetail] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "external". [/obj/Fracture/rbdmaterialfracture2/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/chipping/rbdrewireconstraints1] Problem while synchronizing child node: Warning: Problem while synchronizing child node: Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "searchradius". Skipping unrecognized parameter "usetags". [/obj/Fracture_wood/rbdmaterialfracture2/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/primary] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "vexsnippet". Skipping unrecognized parameter "vex_strict". Skipping unrecognized parameter "vex_exportlist". [/obj/Fracture_wood/rbdmaterialfracture2/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/volumenoise] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "vexsnippet". Skipping unrecognized parameter "vex_exportlist". Skipping unrecognized parameter "vex_strict". [/obj/Fracture_wood/rbdmaterialfracture2/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/noisedscatter1/volumevop2] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "depthmethod". [/obj/Fracture_wood/rbdmaterialfracture2/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/rbdinteriordetail] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "external". [/obj/Fracture_wood/rbdmaterialfracture2/CONCRETE_FRACTURE0/chipping/rbdrewireconstraints1] "
  3. Why Bullet sucks at Car rig?

    Why difficult to the constraint when using Bullet Solver. I tested in C4D's Bullet Solver. it was superfast to rig dynamic car. The result was Impressive. In Houdini, Standart RBD Solver was easy to constraint. In my mind, I want to Crash many cars in my scene only use a bullet solver. Any Pro guys, Can you do in Houdini? Thank you. Here is how I ***** up the scene. Car_Crash_v001.hip
  4. wires to follow rotation of RBD pin

    Hello! Does anyone have any pointers on how to get my Wire solver object that is pinned to my RBD object to follow the rotation of the RBD object. I have attached the scene file for reference. I'm really stuck on this one. constraints_simple2.hip
  5. Hello, I need a way to fracture GEO recursively/dynamically using the RBD material facture (No clipping, or cut); (I have built and seen methods for splitting boxes using a loop inside an SOP solver inside a DOP, but have not seen a version using RBD material fracture or the new RBD bullet solver sop) Here I have a basic setup with gravity and rocks crumbling, I've added an attribute transfer to visualize a green zone in the middle. The goal is to say, at frame 120 (Or any random frames) for anything that's green or inside a threshold to split into new parts dynamically while retaining the settings of rbd material fracture if possible. Rocks in green 'split into new rbd material fractures,' rocks without color remain RBD but do not split. Ideally with the RBD bullet sop solver, no DOP network approach. procedural_fracture.hipnc
  6. Hi everyone. I'm struggling to understand constraint networks. Trying to glue constrain some RBDs to an animated mesh imported from Maya (via alembic). I made a test file, and seem to have kinda, almost managed to set it up - but not quite. The constraints are there, they show up in red, but have no effect. They seem to be recreated with every frame as the animated vertices move. I would be grateful if anyone could look at my file, or point me to a working example that was made with simplicity in mind. So far, the closest thing i found was Chris Rydalch's Duplo Bear Breakdown: Constraining RBDs to Animation on Vimeo. Thanks in advance. constrain_RBD_to_deforming_mesh_v01.hip Animated_Mesh.abc
  7. Smoke on heavy Alembic

    Hello! So I have an alembic file (5 gb) with an RBD simulation of a wall falling down, and I want to apply some smoke to it. The thing is that the geometry is too heavy and I have to reduce de polygons in order to simulate. I tried with poly-reduce and despite reducing the geometry it applies it per frame so I have to wait 30 secs for a frame to load. I also tried with point deform but I couldn´t manage either. I suppose my question is how would you prepare a heavy alembic geometry with pieces for a pyro sim? Cheers. T.
  8. pop rbd scale over time

    I have a DOP Network with multi solver, which spawn rbd sphere with pop solver. How do I make the size of the sphere small at the source, then become bigger as the current size when it touches the ground. pop_rbd.hip
  9. I am wondering if there is a way to convert an RBD sim back to a mesh?
  10. Houdini.School Velocity Forces

    I am happy to announce that https://www.houdini.school has launched and you can get 15% off now through July 27th, 2021. I'll be joining a host of talented Houdini teachers, like: Debra Isaac Kate Xagoraris Beck Selmes Christopher Rutledge Justin Dykhouse Jeffy Mathew Philip Nicholas Ralabate You can learn more about my Velocity Forces class here: https://bit.ly/houdinivelocityforces Teaser video for my Velocity Forces live class: https://vimeo.com/577928177
  11. RBD multi fracture

    Hi guys, I'm unfortunately pretty bad with RBDs. I'm wondering how you could quickly setup a two step fracture. Like having big chunks and the inidividual polygons of those chumks should be glued together again. Does anyone have a quick initial setup to show? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello! This is my first time posting here. I am a graduate student currently working on a project that involves a character comprised of rigid objects that can assemble, disassemble, and rearrange itself. The parts can also blend between dynamic and keyframed states. I have a method for the state switching, but I cannot seem to find away to apply any attractive or guiding forces to the parts when they are in their dynamic state. I found a way to do this previously by using a POP Attract node, but it only worked with Rigid Body Solver. I'm not sure how to apply that same node to a RBD Solver. If any knows how to make that work or knows a better method, I'd appreciate it. The goal in this test is to make the ball roll towards the cube and fit into one of the sockets. I have attached a zip file with the assets and .hip file. Thanks in advanced! RBDTesting.zip
  13. Houdini community, Hoping to get some advice with something that has me stumped. I've attached a hip file to demonstrate the situation. I'm attempting to create a controlled shatter on a moving object using the Bullet_Solver sop. I've gotten as far as animating my pieces to be active or inactive so they release from the animated object as required, collide, etc. My big issue is how to make use of constraints here. I want to have glue constraints keeping things sticking together in a more interesting way but I can't seem to get them to do anything. Should the constraints themselves be moving or static? Does that matter? Should I create them a different way? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. moving_constraints.hip
  14. Necklace Simulation

    How can i make the torus hang from the wire? Necklace_sim.hip
  15. Free video tutorial can be watched at any of these websites: Fendra Fx Vimeo Side Fx Project file can be purchased at Gumroad here: https://gumroad.com/davidtorno?sort=newest
  16. Hello fellow magicians, I've struggled alot with RBDs in the past. Along the way, while doing various projects I spent countless hours researching and debugging and I realised that most of the information is scattered all around... and this is not ideal. So I thought it would be a good thing to have a "main" post where more experienced artists and TDs could share a bit of their experience and .hip files with the rest of the community. There are many instances where this happens here on odforce, for example the thread on small scale flip fluids or the thread on getting rid of mushrooms in pyro. Since I'm starting this, It's only fair that I share a little .hip file myself. With this exercise I'm creating the tipical situation where the Bullet Solver can't stop the wood shapes from jittering and spinning and the simulation doesn't come to a rest. So I added popwrangles and a popspeedlimit to solve the problem. I'm aware that there might be more optimized ways of doing this, maybe with a POP awaken node? Nonetheless, this is my approach to solving the issue. As a bonus trick, I added a way to awaken the inactive pieces only near the desired collider. Here is a very good article on tips and tricks for bullet simulations in case you wanna have a look: https://80.lv/articles/destruction-simulation-tips-and-tricks/ Cheers, Diogo Ferreira rbds_stop_jitter.hipnc
  17. RBD animation Geo

    Hi, In RBD marital fracture i used the animated geo as my fractured one.but i would not make a final out.if any one know about how to set up just reply it.
  18. Hi, I crated a sphere and modified it by mountain then I used the clip SOP. After that I used the polypill SOP then I wanted to fracture the result via RBD Material Fracture but I got no error or warning also the clipped spere are not fractured. What is the reason for? THX
  19. How to use RBD constraints in DOP?

    I wonder how to import RBD constraint SOPs inside DOPNetwork ? for example RBD constraint line.
  20. Hello Everyone, I am currently struggling with a personal project. I was trying to figure out metal deformations in Houdini using Bullet solver and constraint switching (switching back and forth between glue constraint and soft constraints). But I am not satisfied with the results of the simulation. Is there any way to blend custom animation to guide the entire object in a specific way while allowing for deformations to take place? A perfect example would be a car hitting an object and continuing along its path with deformations. I've tried a lot of techniques without any real success. So far the closest I was able to achieve was using a pop wrangle to get position data from a SOP path, calculating the difference using the current position in the simulation and the position from the SOP path and then adding it as velocity. It works somewhat like an active guide, but the simulation always lags behind the animation or the velocity keeps escalating out of control. Could really use some fresh ideas. Thank you in advance.
  21. I want to drop a bunch of objects on the floor using POPsource and Bullet solver. These objects have to be constrained to each other with unbreakable glue. I read this thread which has a lot of great tricks but it doesn't work with my simple setup. rbd_constraints.hip
  22. RBD & Vellum Hair interaction

    Hello, I am quite new to Houdini and I've been struggling the last days to get an RBD sim to interact with Vellum Hair wires. The vellum Hairs detect the RBD, but not the other way around. I would love the RBD object to lay on the wires once on the floor, but now the rbd just pushes the wires aside. Also there's some flickering at the hair roots, if any suggestions here very much welcome. Thanks! vellum rbd interact.hiplc
  23. RBD rotation

    hi i have some objects in rbd simulation where they just get blown through the air. What would be the process for these objects to rotate randomly on themselves? I have tried the torque force but it gains too much speed. Thanks.
  24. RBD collision Geometry

    Hi Everyone! I have a problem with collision geometry in the rigidbodysolver not moving. I have animated geometry I am plugging into the rigidbodysolver for collisions however I am finding it is remains static when I run the sim. The Initial Object Type is set to 'Animated Static' (although I have tried the others) Does anyone have any suggestions to get this collision geo moving again? Thanks sooooo much!
  25. Hello everyone ! In order to model a ceiling mobile (such as the ones in a baby's bedroom), I dived in the depth of wire objects, and I feel like it is much less intuitive than the usual DOP workflow. What I want to do is to tie certain objects (in my case, that would be origami birds modelled with the help of the amazing entagma tutorial from last week) to wires, which are tied to a static wooden part. The part where I'm having issues is when it comes to tying together the solid objects (which come as a RBD packed object) to the wires. I've tried several methods, all of which have failed me for now. 1. I tried using the SBD pin constraint from the Wire shelf. It kind of works, but I still find it very hard to control, and it is impossible to simulate the physical behaviour of the whole system (I have to simulate the RBD packed objects separately, and tie the wires afterwards). 2. I tried the more classical RBD approach, using constraint networks. This is the approach I would prefer, since it allows me to simulate the full system. I have set up the constraints using a Connect Adjacent Pieces SOP, which I modified a bit to add the anchor_id attribute on the constraint points. All of my pieces, whether it be the RBD packed object or the wires, come as separate objects with their own unique names matching the name specified in the constraint points. However, when I play the simulation, the constraints do not tie the objects to the wires, and the wires go wild while the RBD packed objects fall due to gravity. 3. I've started looking at Vellum and other cloth simulations, but I'm very new to it and it doesn't seem to integrate very well to RBD workflow which I'm used to. I've attached a hda with my project file, where I've replaced the bird objects with polygon spheres for simplicity. (It still doesn't work when I play it on my computer) If anyone has the time to take a look at it and tell me what I'm doing wrong or put me on another track, I'd be super grateful ! All the best, Nolan Constraint_Wires.hdanc