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Found 3 results

  1. FLIP collision with moving object

    Hi all, I'm facing an issue with my FLIP simulation and I don't know how to handle it. I have a fluid in a container. The object is moving so I need to have accurate collisions (I tried collisions with Source Volume, and with Collision Source - it seems to work better with fast moving object - but it's not enough even with 10 substeps on the solver) When the container is falling toward the ground I can't have my fluid with nice collisions and nice motion to create splashes. I tried to inject velocity with a pop advect by volumes but it's not really pretty. Does anyone have some tips? splash.zip
  2. Hello to all... I have a scene where I have animated geometry written out and I bring it back in via a file sop. The animation is just of some rocks flying up in the air flying down inside some water. I'm using a vdb from polygons on the file and I'm bringing that into the dop network as a static object with the mode set to Volume Sample and pointing to the object in the proxy volume field . The problem I run into is when the rocks collide with the fluid, the fluid collapses. I can remove the proxy volume and reset the mode to ray intersect and things will be fine....I have tried to explore on how to fix this but I can't seem to find the solution... does anyone have any ideas? I can upload the scene later if needed. flip_tests.hipnc
  3. Hi, I am Divyansh Bharadwaj and I am attempting a test of flip fluide (filling water in animated bottle)..First i get problem of sinking water through collision object..then it is solved it with increase in min&max substeps... But still particles continuously die looks like disappearing...I tried to increase particles size also..but it also did not helps..i am attaching hip file with this post... bottle_filling_01.hipnc bottle_fill_01.avi