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Found 1 result

  1. animate scattering

    Hey, So i'm looking for a way to animate and freeze at some frame the global seed of the scattering node. I'm trying to replicate the polyjuice effect in Harry potter 2 and i'm having a bit of struggle with the scattering. The effect is some sort of bubbles that grow and reduce on a morphing head into an other. I managed the bubbles effect and the morphing just fine but the bubbles are always on the same place. They are controled by a scattering and color and i would like to animate it in that way : - when the color is black there are no bubbles and when it's white they grow. I would like the global seed of the scattering to change when it's black and freeze and take the last value when it's white. for exemple at from frame 0 to 10 it's white with the scattering seed set a 1, then from frame 11 to 15 it's back and the scattering seed changes to 2 then from frame 16 to 26 it's white again with the scattering froze to 2 and on and on in that way. Does anybody has a way to make that happen ? I joint the file with the pig head so that anyone can open it without any additionnal file. Thank you so much for your help PS: i'm very new to houdini. head_bubbles_ocforum.hipnc