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Found 2 results

  1. Masking Volume Noise?

    hey folks. I've been following this amazing tutorial by Tim J but wanted to learn how to add attribute paint or another noise to use as a mask so only certain areas are effected by the volumetric noise I'm quite new to Houdini and have no idea! thanks in advance.
  2. Masking VDB solver growth by Cd

    Hello friends. Perpetual Houdini n00b here. Have a question that I hope experienced users could help me with. In essenece - I'm trying to mask my solver growth areas by painting b/w mask on my geo. I am creating a solver growth for my geo. Converting a mesh into a VDB, sticking it into a Solver. Inside solver I calculate the gradient and curvature of the VDB, plug them into VolumeVOP, where I multiply them together and bind the output to gradient and pipe out to VDBAdvect. So all great, simple growth happening all over my mesh. I can mask it by plugging an extra noise into my multiply node. What I'd like to do though is to be able to mask it by painting custom b/w maps onto my geo prior to it going into solver. I can use attributePaint to the mask with on my Cd. But I have no idea how to access this Cd info inside my solver. I can add it as Surface Attribute to my VDB, but that messes everything up for some reason. I've attached the file, might be easiest to just see it in there instead of reading my explanation: Thanks for any suggestions the mighty ones! maskGrowth_v01.hiplc