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Found 1 result

  1. an oddity, or could someone please explain why ? I have 3 boxes, take the 1st one which consists of just 8 points, all at the corners..we can see they all have curvature of 1.41421 (in spreadsheet) Next box has 1 more segment, so we have some different curvatures for the new points...but where are the 1.41421 points...they can't just suddenly have different curvatures now ? They are STILL at the corners. Then next box has more segments....curvatures change again....this is simply illogical, for points lying in the 'middle' (a simple one has 4 flat neighbours) I would expect it to have curvature 0...these seem to be the only consistent ones...the rest...they change with 'resolution' which makes no sense to me. EDIT: this takes the cake, if I increase the size of the 1st box, leaving same resolution, the curvature change !!!....I guess i have no idea what curvature means now... (seems inversely proportional to edgelength ?) Curvature_Riddle.hipnc